Link Love for Weekend Reading


Like most journalists, I’m a news junkie. I could literally spend the entire day just reading the news or my favorite blogs or posts recommended by people I know have good taste.

Here are some of my favorite reads from the past week:


WUNC Public Radio: Yoga, Bikinis, Facebook And Fat: How An NC ‘Yogi’ Is Reshaping Body Image

OK, so technically this isn’t a read, it’s more of a listen. I loved his interview with Durham yogi Jessamyn Stanley because I could totally relate to it. I’m far from having a “yoga body” and when I would take classes at NC State I spent more time looking at my body in the mirror instead of listening to it. Jessamyn is a living, breathing example of how yoga is for every body  and you don’t need to be a long, slender stick for it to change your life.

He and She Eat Clean: How Getting Into Fitness Gave Me A Negative Body Image 

He and She Eat Clean is one of those blogs that I check out sporadically when something they post on Facebook catches my eye. I wouldn’t consider myself a regular reader by any means, but I really enjoyed this post. I was sitting in on a panel discussion at a food policy conference when one of the panelists began talking about how Instagram is a really great tool to get people to eat better. She said people see the awesome meals their friends are eating and it inspires them to do it too.”Because fit is the new skinny,” she said. Her comment really struck me. Fit is the new skinny. It’s not just that you have to be skinny, it’s that you have to be athletic and strong, too. You have to do Cross Fit and mountain climb and hike five miles every weekend when you aren’t running marathons or power cycling or whatever the latest thing is. Just being skinny isn’t enough anymore. You have to be fit, too. Personally, I just want to stop killing my body with food. Read this post and then go back and listen to Jessamyn. I know both helped me feel a bit better.

Same Sex Couple Threaten Not To Give A Shit If Other Couple Divorces

Guys, I’m a straight ally. I think LGBTQ people are freaking amazing and they deserve all the same rights as us straight folk because I believe we were all created equally. When I heard about that Austrailian couple that threatened to get divorced if gay couples were allowed to marry, I just rolled my eyes and laughed at the blatant hypocrisy.  Clearly, you value the sanctity of marriage so strongly that you’re willing to divorce to show how much you value your so-called holy union. Honestly, if you think that your marriage has any influence on the marriages of other people then you’re just a raging narcissist. Please, get divorced. I assure that no one will give a shit. Read this piece of satire if you’re in need of a little chuckle. United we Feed * Ending the Mommy Wars, one Photo at a Time

You don’t need to actually have a kid to witness the mommy wars. You just need a Pinterest account. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll become a judgemental bitch the minute I conceive or the minute I give birth. If my only source of baby information was from social media and mommy blogs, I’d assume every woman who had a kid is a raging, know-it-all asshole. Thankfully, I have really awesome friends who are also really awesome moms so I know that’s not the case. I grew up in an Italian household where breastfeeding was normal, celebrated, supported and encouraged. But I don’t care how you feed your infant so long as you’re not feeding them booze or soda. If it’s booze or soda then I’ll judge you. Rock on, bottle moms. You’re awesome. You love your babies and that’s all that matters. All I ask in return from everyone is that breastfeeding moms who are quietly and discretely doing their thing in public not be shamed into hiding in a bathroom, their car, or forced to put a blanket over their kid’s head because it makes YOU uncomfortable. Just. Don’t. Look.  It’s that easy.

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Have a great weekend, friends!