Our Wedding Vendors


Long Island Maritime Museum

The grounds of the Long Island Maritime Museum

When the logistics of a ceremony with an ocean view would create difficulties for a number of our elderly guests, I turned to the museum in West Sayville as an alternative location.

Their fee is a donation in the amount of the couple’s choice, but be prepared to share your day with the public as they do not give any event exclusivity to the grounds.

It was an absolutely perfect location and I’m so happy that we chose it.


After much thought, C and I agreed that our ceremony would be more personal if we had a friend of family member officiate. So, we “hired” my friend Alexis, whom I’ve known since my sophomore year in college. She responded to my call for volunteers on my post “Making it Legal” and we decided she’d be perfect. She became ordained through The Universal Life Church, which is legal in NY.


Trio Restaurant at the Holbrook Country Club

Trio’s prices fit well within our budget and were incredibly flexible with cost and planning. The food was unbelievable. Really. It was so incredibly delicious. Kim, the catering manager, was fantastic and helped make our day fantastic.


Signature Video

Owner, Heather Freudenthal, and I met at Manhattanville College and shared a number of communications classes, including Video Production.  She co-owns and operates Signature Video, with her husband, Jason, who has been in the wedding videography business for 15 years and is the only person I know with an actual Emmy Award.


Photographer Sue Grieco and I shared a moment. We were at Long Beach Middle School when Justin Bieber put on a private concert for a few hundred screaming fans after students won a contest sponsored by 92.3 NOW. I was reporting and she was the paparazzo. Sue is a freelance photojournalist for Herald Community Newspapers and Patch.com.  As a photojournalist she understands my desire to keep the grip-and-grin shots to a minimum. And because we’ve worked together before I know her work, her professionalism and most importantly, I can trust her.

Wedding Rings

Brilliant Earth

You’ve probably been inundated with subtle advertisements for Brilliant Earth the minute you started talking about weddings on your Facebook. Give them a look-see. I ordered a low-profile, recycled palladium band for $300. I was thrilled with the results and would most definitely order from them again.

Grimball Jewelers

We used Grimball Jewelers in Chapel Hill to engrave my wedding band. As you can see from the link, it’s a plain and smooth band. We had it engraved with the same design that is on the band of my engagement ring. Completely done by hand, I was floored at the craftsmanship. They even repaired my engagement ring, which I had not realized had broken. Not only did they repair the crank in the band, but continued the design through so that it looks seamless.

Hawaii Titanium 

We ordered Chuck’s ring through Hawaii Titanium’s Etsy stop. Their work is absolutely amazing, but we ordered something fairly simple. It came out beautifully and within two weeks of our initial order.


Bridal Mart

If you’re looking for a dress on a budget and not the wedding-dress-shopping experience Bridal Mart in Burlington, NC is a great place to go. Don’t expect to be doted on by a saleswoman though, which is why they keep their prices so low. While I didn’t have any major issues, don’t expect amazing customer service either. I’d recommend it, but only if you’re willing to do the work to find a dress. If you want to be pampered, go somewhere else.

David’s Bridal

The great thing about David’s Bridal is the cost factor and access to an array of bridesmaids dresses in an array of colors. You really can find something to suit everyone’s taste





3 thoughts on “Our Wedding Vendors

  1. do you still not have a photog? ours was pretty affordable and has the option to get pix and a disc and call it a day. a friend of mine did the same thing with a different photog. we used Silverfox and she used Twelfth Night.

    • Actually, I do. I hired a woman who I worked with while at the Herald. She takes great photos and since i’ve worked with her before I know I can trust her. I’m just terrible and kept forgetting to add her to this list.

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