Fine Print


In a perfect world, writers would just be paid to write and wouldn’t have to rely on things like affiliates or advertising to pay the bills. Since I value transparency, you will always be made aware of posts that I have been paid to write, or have been offered something in exchange for a post. I’ll never accept either of these things for products I couldn’t honestly vouch for. If I write a sponsored post about a product I say is awesome, I actually think it’s awesome.

Affiliate links

You will always be made aware of affiliate links for which I receive a small compensation. If you purchase something using an affiliate link, I’ll receive a small compensation from the company, but it won’t affect the price you pay on your end. I may be broke, but I can’t be bought. Affiliate links will only be used for products that I either have used myself or would consider using myself.


Unless otherwise noted, all content on this page is owned by After the Knot and its authors. Using the text of a post or photo without permission would be in violation of copyright law. If you saw something you liked and wanted to share it with your own readers, please provide the proper credit and link back to the original post.


I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but as a private citizen I have the right to moderate the comments on my site. All comments will be moderated. I have a No Asshole policy. If you can’t express your opinion in an intelligent, respectful and civil manner, your post will not be approved. Trolls will not be allowed on this site. We don’t have to agree with each other, but you do have to voice your opinion in a civil and respectful manner in order for your comment to be approved.

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