Paid leave and the nearly impossible juggling act of planning your pregnancy

Wow….I totally get this. Obviously not the part about the premature baby, but the whole planning parenthood part has been my life for more than a year.


For Leigh Benrahou, like so many other working mothers, preparing for her second pregnancy took planning. And not just washing and folding tiny onesies, figuring out where to put the crib, or mentally bracing herself to parent two young kids.

The 32-year-old mother had recently started a new position as a registrar at a nearby college. Her planning began by figuring out when she would be at her job long enough to qualify for the Family and Medical Leave Act and the 12 weeks of unpaid leave workers caring for newborns or sick relatives are entitled to.

She also started counting months, planning to time the birth so that when her leave ran out she could rely on her mother, who had summers off, for childcare. Then Benrahou took out disability insurance, paying $40 a month so that she could collect 60% of her paycheck for up to six weeks into her leave…

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