Fresh from the Garden: Caprese Salad

Bear with me. I’m attempting to post this from my phone using the WordPress app. Technology is so neat.

Our garden was touch and go for a while. The spring was unseasonably cold and we got a late start planting our seeds. They took a while to germinate and we lost a lot to poor planning, weather and soil. We ended up buying starter plants from a local nursery about two miles away.

The starters from the nursery and ours that survived are doing better than we imagined. Our tomato plants are doing awesome and we finally have enough to make our first batch of sauce next weekend.

Check out this awesome caprese salad I made with our garden tomatoes and basil from our CSA.


After the Knot

That night we also had baked striped mullet from Locals Seafood and squash fritters made with yellow squash from our CSA.

Sounds good right? It was pretty great.

Are you growing a garden? How’s it going?


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