Weekend Project: Turning a Bed Frame into Nightstands

upcycled-diy-nightstands (1)

Ya know when you have a project in your head and you can’t wait to put it into action?

That’s how I felt about turning C’s old waterbed frame into a dresser. I know it sounds a little weird, but it was my way of utilizing a heavy piece of furniture that otherwise had no purpose.

Long before we every met, C had a water bed. The frame itself came in two pieces and had some cabinets and drawers. For the life of me, I can’t find any of the pictures I took, but it sort of looked like this.

Photo: woodcraftplans.com

Photo: woodcraftplans.com

Because each side was a separate piece, you could change the size of the frame to accommodate different size mattresses.

When we moved in together, we shrunk it down to a twin and it became a spare bed. When we moved into a house we purchased a queen mattress set from my coworker, which came with a bedframe. C’s waterbed frame became essentially useless. We stacked them into some sort of dresser, but it didn’t have a top and it was way too large for the room.

I often dreamt of cutting it down.

Finally, I did.

Well, C did. He cut the frame into four pieces, or four sets of drawers, cutting out the middle cabinet.

Photo: After the Knot

Photo: After the Knot

Originally, I had intended on turning these pieces into a dresser, but since the pieces were not made to fit together in this way, I would need some pretty awesome carpentry skills to make it work.

I opted to turn two of the pieces into nightstands because that would be way easier.

Photo: After the Knot

Photo: After the Knot

We already had all the wood we needed for the top and the legs and the paint was purchased for a number of projects, including this one, making this one affordable endeavor.

We still have two more pieces left over which I will likely put online, free for the taking. Another DIYer can have fun with them.


My nightstands are by no means perfect. They look much better in photos than they do in person, but I’m pretty proud of myself for even trying. Even if we only get a year or so with them before our guest room becomes a nursery, I’m happy I was able to give new life to an old piece of furniture.

Editor’s Note: I finally learned how to use Photoshop and discovered PicMonkey so this post was updated with new edited photos. 


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