ABU: Always be Unpacking

Unpacking after a move feels like a never-ending task.

More than two years after we moved into our house, we still have boxes or plastic bins that still need a permanent home.

For the most part, they’ve been living in the guest room closet, out of sight, out of mind.

Exacerbating the unpacking problem is the unloading of stuff from our parents’ houses, including photo albums, journals, old science projects and random items that our parents have passed on. One box gets emptied and tossed only to be replaced by three more.

I’ve heard this only gets worse as children arrive. 

Part of the stall came with the lack of storage space. We have an attic, but the previous owner didn’t think an access ladder was necessary. As I understand it, this house was a rental until it was foreclosed and we purchased it. Renters don’t need attic space,1` I guess.

Thanks to my parents (always thanks to our parents) we now have a pull-down ladder and a level surface to store our belongings. Now the delay is my own laziness/busy schedule.

A few months back, I set out to really clean and reorganize my office. Afterward, I was two fewer boxes that have been living in the corner since we moved in.

The only things that remained were two sets of blinds for the bay window. C’s parents purchased these blinds literally the week we moved in (along with four additional sets to replace the cheap ones that were broken or completely missing). These were on clearance because they had already been cut, but were still too big for our windows. Lowes will cut new blinds to size, but you’re SOL if they’re on clearance.

Two and a half years later, they remained in my office, waiting to be cut and hung, quickly moving down the home-improvement priority list.

Then one day, they were discovered by my mother. She promptly put my father to work, which would sound like a bad thing if he wasn’t desperately looking for things he could do and repair around the house.

I'll have to remember to keep them open so the cats can continue stalking the birds.

I’ll have to remember to keep them open so the cats can continue stalking the birds.

Finally, after more than two years collecting dust on the floor of my office, they were now in their proper place.

Procrastination aside, buying clearance blinds is a great way to save money if you are handy with a measuring tape and a hacksaw (which I am not). In a nutshell, my dad collapsed and bound the blinds into one large piece. He took some measurements and cut the ends down using a hacksaw. They were then installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Now, if someone could help me get those boxes in the attic, that would be super.


How long have you been in your home? Do you still have unpacked boxes or unfinished home improvement projects?



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