Saying Goodbye to the Home Office

After more than three years primarily working from home, I rejoined the regular 9-5 Monday through Friday workforce.

I’ve been at my new job for more than a month and I really, really enjoy it. My new schedule and routine has taken some getting used to and I’ve found myself too drained to do any blogging.

In any case….

I quit my full time job about two months before getting married and spent the next three years working part-time as a freelance – then staff – reporter and part time as an SAT tutor. It was rough, but we made it work until it was no longer working.

I was sad to have to leave a really great news organization that was doing the sort of work that I believed in, but I’m happy to taking the next step in my writing career.

Since I’ve been at my new job, I’ve realized a few of the things that I miss about working from home.

Working in my pajamas/lazy clothes

On days that I’m completely working from home, I’ll don my favorite yoga pant and t-shirt combo. My hair is rarely dried and often pulled back in a ponytail. I never wear makeup. My shoes are either flip flops or slippers, depending on the season. And when I really, just don’t feel like getting dressed, I just wouldn’t. I’ve stay in my pajamas until around lunch before finally showering like a normal human being.

No Commute

Unless I was heading into downtown for a meeting, my commute consisted of me walking from my bedroom to my office. By working from home we saved a lot of money on gas. I love my Subaru, but it’s not exactly gas friendly. I also rarely sat in traffic.

Flexible Schedule

I’m one of those people that are more productive later in the day than in the morning. It takes me a good few hours to really wake up. I’ve done some of my best work in the few hours before dinner, or really late at night. Because I worked from home, and because I was part time, I was able to adjust my schedule as I needed. If I had a massive headache or I wasn’t feeling well, I could sleep it off and work a little later in the day.

 Office Pets

I miss my furkids! As difficult as they would sometimes make my job, it made me really happy to be around them all day. When I needed a break, I loved to sit on the couch and rub the dog’s belly. It was the perfect therapy. Also, because I worked from home, I was able to reinforce all of the training I was doing with Bailey.  She learned quickly because I was around all the time.

How come I don't get to nap?

How come I don’t get to nap?

Access to My Kitchen

Lunch has always been a difficult meal for me. If I had the money and it wouldn’t make me fat, I’d eat lunch out every day. Having access to my kitchen made it a lot easier to figure out what to eat during the day. Sometimes I would have something already prepared and other times, I’d cook something up on the fly.

Access to My Bathroom

Public bathrooms suck. They really do. My first week some girl decided to have a conversation with her boyfriend while sitting on the toilet. Another time this woman thought the bathroom was a great place to catch up on her reading and charge her iPad. I know there’s a couch in there, but how about sitting under a tree instead.

On the flip side …

There are definitely things I miss about working from home, but there are definitely plus sides to working in an office.

Normal Schedule

This also has a lot to do with leaving journalism, but it’s nice to know that I start working at 9 and I leave at 6. No late meetings, no late deadlines. I leave at 6 and my day is over. Having a normal schedule allows me to have a routine, something I haven’t had for more than three years. The consistent routine also takes away any excuse I have to skip a workout. Since starting my new job, I’ve worked out at 6am every day before work. Before that, just getting out the door was a battle.

Human Conversation

I miss my animals like crazy, but it’s so nice to be able to talk to actual people. Thank goodness my new coworkers are amazing and we have a lot of fun together.

Peer Pressure Productivity

As a writer, I’m a natural procrastinator. Nothing feeds this trait like working from home and not having your coworkers look over your shoulder. Not to mention all of the other distractions that come with just being at home. Without deadlines, I would have never turned in anything. My productivity skyrocketed when I went into an office.

Posting this story may have taken double the time if I was working at home.

Posting this story may have taken double the time if I was working at home.

A Reason to Get Dressed

The upside to working from home is being able to work in your pajamas. This is also a downside. After a while, you start to feel like the slob that you look like.

Some people love working from home. I found that it’s definitely not for me full time. I’d like the option if I need it, but otherwise I work much better with the structure of a 9-5 work day in a traditional office.

Now, if I could just convince my boss to let be bring my dog in every day.


Where do you work? In a traditional office, from home or a mix of the two? Do you like it? Leave me a note in the comments. 


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to the Home Office

  1. Oof. I hated working from home. The best thing was the zero commute time, but I was so lonely and easily distracted. I also don’t feel like myself unless I’ve showered and put on “real clothes” so there wasn’t even a benefit there! I’m so happy to be moving to an office soon.

    • I really can’t say I hated it, but I realized that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought. Easily distracted would be sugar coating it. How I got anything done is a mystery. Not gonna lie, I’d love to show up at work in yoga pants and sweats. Not every day, but just when I feel like I need it.

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