Forever Organizing: Bathroom Closet

We moved into our house two years ago. I’m still organizing and unpacking. Just when I was finally making some headway, my parents bring the last two boxes of my stuff from their house. They’ve been sitting behind my couch since April.

While it was never a full on mess, our bathroom closet was never truly organized. There were multiple baskets with beauty products, medications, and other toiletries just sitting on the shelves in no discernible order.

Sadly, it was an almost-crisis that lit a fire under my ass to get things straightened out.

Confession Time

A couple of months ago we thought our dog ate some of my husband’s prescription medication.

Dog-Owning 101: Put all medications and other dangerous objects out of reach of your pet. We clearly failed at this.

I came home to find a few bottles of pills and other items from our dresser on the floor. I found one that had seemingly been chewed open. Bailey isn’t allowed upstairs when we aren’t home, but C was outside watering the garden. Bailey must have went on her chewing spree in the half hour he was out there.

In a panic we called the after-hours emergency vet and gave them the estimated dosage. We were informed that it was safe and we’d just have a loopy dog for a couple of hours. Bailey seemed absolutely fine, but we kept an eye on her for the rest of the night.

The next day we realized that the bottle she chewed was already empty and she hadn’t ingested anything. We dodged a bullet and learned a big lesson.

Getting Organized

Like most things I do, I can’t take any credit for this idea. It came from Pinterest, pinned from this site.

I’m also in the process of reorganizing my office and was able to reuse a four-drawer storage cart that I already owned. You can purchase these pretty much anywhere that sells home goods, like Target or Walmart.

Jameson is not happy about his space being invaded by my nifty storage cart.

Jameson is not happy about his space being invaded by my nifty storage cart.

I decided to use this particular cart for medications and the like, leaving the beauty products for another project. This also gave me a chance to sift through and remove all of our expired prescription and over-the-counter medications.

I separated everything into designated drawers:

  • prescription medication
  • Pain, Stomach, Cold, Allergy
  • First Aid
  • Tampons and such (named Lady Things because my husband is 12 and that stuff makes him uncomfortable)

I wrote directly on the plastic using a dry erase marker. It’s cheaper than using a label and can be changed quickly and easily.

The closet has a long way to go before it’s totally organized, but I think we’re on the right track.




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