Back in Blogging Business

About two years ago I dropped off the face of the blogging earth.


I continued to update Flying the Nest, a blog project I had with a friend of mine until last year. I also blogged a bit on my Tumblr page, Cat Lady Raises Dog. When I felt really inspired, Cris at Kiss My Tulle let me guest post.

I never really stopped blogging altogether, but I didn’t dedicate the time I use to.

I stopped for a few different reasons:

I had a lot of different interests and felt they all needed a dedicated corner of the blogging world. While they were all related, they were different enough that I felt they had different audiences and warranted their own space.

As a person who writes for a living, many days, after writing all day, I just didn’t have the energy to continue to sit in front of my computer, open a new tab, and keep on writing. I just wanted to stare at the T.V. and not use my brain for a little while.

I felt kind of uninspired. The past two years have been a little on the rough side. We dealt with – and in some cases continue to deal with – job insecurity, job loss, medical problems and money woes. We also experienced the deaths of my brother-in-law and great uncle, who was like a grandfather to me. I may have come up with a billion ideas, but when I opened the page to put them on the paper, I just didn’t have the motivation.


After trying to separate all of my interests and getting nowhere, I decided to resurrect L.I. Budget Bride and revamp it as a place to share my marriage journey now that my wedding journey is over. I still absolutely love weddings and plan to continue writing about them. The focus here, though, will be on building a life together and everything that entails,


  • Making our little house into a home
  • Nurturing the body and soul through food and exercise
  • Raising fur-babies (and eventually human babies)
  • Life on a limited budget

My ultimate goal is to post on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with Miscellaneous Mondays (marriage, homemakery and animal stuff), Wedding Wednesdays (wedding stuff) and Fitness Fridays (health and beauty stuff).

So, this new blog will have a broader focus than most and I’m cool with that. Maybe people will like it, maybe people won’t. I’ve always had a very small, but dedicated (and AWESOME) following and I’ve always been thankful and appreciative for that. I write because I have an uncontrollable need to write, not because I think I’ll become the next Pioneer Woman, Young House Love or Knotty Bride.

If this little experiment works out, awesome. If not, you can always find me on Twitter.


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