Were We on Budget?

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. That’s my new header. Ain’t it pretty? My brother made it for me. At some point I’ll get around to changing the rest of the site over to the new look/name. Now that I’m officially done with Long Island and wedding planning on Long Island, I figured it was a good time to drop the name. 


Truth be told, I have no friggen’ clue if we stayed on budget.

I did a pretty horrible job keeping track of our expenses even though I had a nifty little Excel sheet that told me how much I could spend on stuff. I’m generally pretty bad with managing money. My brain just wasn’t meant to be dealing with numbers. You would think that my husband, the one that can do high-level math and has a degree in physics, would be the one that deals with money, but for some reason I got stuck with the responsibility.

Because of our lack of income and savings (our savings was washed away with our move) we put most of the wedding on our credit card. Some of our vendors were paid in cash, but the rest was on the Visa.

The Visa that was already full of moving expenses.

When I put everything together, I’m fairly certain that we were pretty on target with our $15,000 budget. We had cash to pay our vendors and our credit card bill was under budget. The credit card bill was paid off with wedding gifts (yes, that’s what we did with the cash our guests gave us. It’s what most people do with the cash they get. I don’t know why people refuse to admit it publicly).  Some was put aside for savings and a little was spent on fun stuff for ourselves.

After the credit card bill was paid, we were debt free (for the time being anyway). I have no idea if we stuck to our budget, but I do know that we aren’t still paying it off. For us, that was the ultimate goal. We didn’t want to be stuck paying for our wedding years after it happened. Even if our friends and family were less generous, we still wouldn’t be paying for our wedding when our kids were getting married.

I would advise you to be much more careful than I was because spending can get out of control quite quickly, especially in those last few months of planning. Keep your receipts to help keep track of how you’re doing. Use any budget program you wish and keep up with it. Enter in the amounts regularly and for the love of Zeus try to do whatever you can in cash. Credit cards are dangerous things.

I wish I had some other wise words of wisdom, but I don’t. Really, just don’t do what I did. Be more careful than me. In fact, do the opposite of everything I did.

Happy budgeting!


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