One Year Ago…

June 4 was a perfect day.

Everything about that day was perfect. Even the things that weren’t perfect, were still part of the most amazing day of my life.

Today, it’s been a year since I married the most amazing person in my life. I still think about that day and all the events that took place. I remember how I felt walking down the aisle and how my voice cracked as we said our vows. I remember a moment after we were husband and wife that for a brief second in time, it felt like we were the only two there. I remember trying to say hello to every single person there and feeling guilty that I couldn’t spend more time with them. I remember hoping that everyone was having a good time and having minor flashes as panic when I felt no one was.

Video by Signature Video

I really can’t say much about our first year of marriage. To be honest, it was probably the most boring year we’ve been together. In the four and a half years we’ve been together there was unemployment, illness, job loss (after having gained employment), a move back home, a move away from home and a severe cut in our income.

About 99 percent of that happened before we were actually married. Aside from a couple of trips to the ER recently, our actual first year of marriage was pretty, well, uneventful. So many people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. For us, that wasn’t the case. Prior to being married, we endured some of the hardest moments in our lives. The first year of marriage was a piece of cake.

Of course, I don’t think every year will be like our first.

We continue to learn and grow, just as any couple would. We have moments of happiness, sadness, anger and frustation, all emotions that come with sharing your life with someone. We have always communicated well with one another and for us keeping that level of communication is vital to remaining happy.

As we head into our second year of marriage, I’m hoping for some good things to come our way. We’ll be moving out of an apartment into our first house and crossing our fingers for some good career changes.

I will keep trying to be patient and not petty, while I hope C learns to load the friggen’ dishwasher. Like I said, trying. Despite the fact I had a Yodel for breakfast, I want continue making healthy changes to my lifestyle so that not only will we be able to live a long life together, but so that I can see myself as he sees me.

Babies will come with our 3rd year of marriage, so don’t ask.

And for those of you that are still wondering if we kept to our original budget, I’m working on a post that explains why I have no actual idea if we did and why that’s not a good thing.

Happy June 4, everyone. It may just be an ordinary Monday to you, but it’s an amazing day for me.


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