At 24, he hadn’t long to live … so they got married

Every few of months or so, and especially in the spring, we start seeing these kinds of stories.

The sad stories about a couple whose marriage was too short because of some unforeseen, or expected, circumstance.

I love and I hate these stories.

I hate them because I feel terrible for the suffering couple. I could never imagine the absolutely sadness I would feel if I lost my husband. The days that I try to, I get incredibly upset. I just want to take these couples and hug them.

But, I love these stories because as we get sucked into wedding planning it’s a reminder of what is really important. It’s easy to get crazy with the details, but ultimately those don’t matter. What matters is that two people who love each other are joining together for a lifetime. A lifetime that will be filled with happiness and sadness, riches and poverty, heath and sickness.

So when you find yourself stressing about the little things, and we all do, take a step back and remember why you are getting married in the first place.

At 24, he hadn’t long to live … so they got married.


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