Cat Blogging Saturdays: A Cat Named Puppidawg

Chuck named our cat Puppidawg, or for those of you who don’t speak with a Lawn Guyland accent, Puppy Dog.

Yes. That's our wireless router she's sleeping on.

I wanted to name her Sammich because when she was a kitten we would have to lock her in the bathroom while we were eating sandwiches. She couldn’t stay away from us and I, of course, always shared.

When I refer to Puppidawg, most people thinks she’s, well, a dog. And it’s followed by the phrase, “You have a cat named puppy dog?”

And my laptop.

Puppidawg’s newest fan is a student at the tutoring center, we’ll call her M. M finds it hilarious that we have a cat with a dog’s name and yesterday made sure to ask me how she was doing. She maintains that had Jameson been named something as cool as Puppidawg, he wouldn’t be so mean. He’s just angry he doesn’t have a cool name, she rations.

One day, Chuck and I will probably get a real dog.

And when that happens, his name will be Kitty Cat.


2 thoughts on “Cat Blogging Saturdays: A Cat Named Puppidawg

    • Haha, thank you! She does it often. I have to remember to close it so that she doesn’t ruin anything or send incoherent messages to people.

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