Hi, 2012. I Will Rock You

2011 was pretty awesome. I kinda got married to the love of my life. There are few things that could really top that.

As I think about everything that I want for 2012, I need to go back to 2011 and take a look at what I’ve accomplished…or didn’t accomplish.

From 2011

Drink more water: I started drinking way more water once I got myself a Camelbak water bottle over the summer. I call it a sippy cup for adults because it’s spill proof. I would drink two to three of those a day and used it over regular glasses. Problem is, when I can’t find it, I go back to bad drinking habits. I haven’t seen the thing in three days, and my water consumption went down. Looks like I’ll be running to Target to pick up another one.
Eat better foods: Chuck and I began going to the farmers market for our produce over the summer and it really has been an awesome thing. We got local, in season fruits and vegetables, which we added to our diet. In the fall, we decided to focus on a vegetable-based diet, which has been a great switch. When we cut meat out of our diet, we opened up our budget for eggs and dairy from pasture-raised animals. When we do eat meet, which is only a few times a month, it’s also pasture raised.

Take care of my body:
Considering that I gained 10lbs recently, I’d call this one a raging failure. I’ve gotten a little better with some of the other things, including using more moisturizer, but if your body is a temple, I went at mine with a wrecking ball.

Improve wardrobe: 
I was forced to improve my look when I began working at the tutoring center. Jeans every day just wasn’t an option. In the fall, I began doing this whole, skirts with tights and boots look that’s in right now. I bought my skirts at Goodwill so I didn’t have to spend a lot of money. Not only do I look less frumpy, but I found that skirts – paired with tights – are more comfortable than pants. I’ve also started wearing more jewelry, which dresses up anything I wear.
Expand this blog: Umm…well, I’ve since revamped the look, but I never relaunched it like I wanted. The blog definitely grew, which is awesome, but I never did want I wanted to with it. My brother did create a logo for me, which I plan on using at some point.

Become a full-time writer: This was the most important resolution I made last year. I should be damn proud of myself for making it happen and making it work. Maybe I’m not “full-time,” but I do make at least half of my income by writing. I absolutely love it, but only time will tell it it’s going to be sustainable. Chuck and I have big plans for 2012 and most are contingent on an increase in income.

Become a better copy editor: I still suck at this. I really do. But, I’ve gotten better since working at the tutoring center where I’m constantly grading students’ writing. I’ve also starting learning all of those basic grammar rules that I was NEVER taught in school. Sachem – yeah, I’m calling you out on this – did a craptastic job teaching basic grammar (subjects and predicates??? Had no idea what a predicate was until recently) and despite not knowing anything other than what I learned playing Mad Libs, I was a good enough writer to place out of all of the basic writing courses in college. Those basic writing courses would have gone over all of this stuff. Considering I actually make my living as a writer not knowing any of these rules is nothing short of a miracle.
So, overall, I was fairly successful at keeping my resolutions in 2011. I may not have succeeded 100 percent, but I definitely made really great strides toward improvements.

Ok, 2012

For 2012 I want to continue with all of the good changes I’ve made in my life. I want to continue eating more healthy and drinking more water. I want to wear sunscreen every day and dress myself well. I want to continue life as a writer in whatever capacity we can afford. And I want to continue honing my writing skills.

Here are some others:

Get in touch with my inner old lady: I’d like to do all of those things that our grandmothers grew up doing, but are only now finding their way back to the mainstream. I want to learn how to sew, can vegetables and crochet things that aren’t in straight lines.
Get organized: My organizational system sucks the big one. It makes keeping track of things incredibly hard and something needs to be done. I have already created a list of things I will need to start doing this. From paying my bills to sorting coupons, I need to figure out a system that works and that is simple enough that my lazy self can keep up with.
Buy a house: With interest rates at less than 3 percent, how can we not take advantage of the housing market? We do lack a down payment but there are definitely things in place to help low-income and first time home buyers like ourselves. I’d really, really like to take advantage of that.
Increase our income: But to do that, we need to increase our income. We have reached a point that we can no longer scrimp and save. Sure, we could not buy pasture-raised milk, but the $2 extra per week is worth having healthy food. You can only cut so much before you have to start raising revenue (hmm…sounds familiar, don’t it?). I have my fingers crossed that Chuck will start school this semester, which would help us out much sooner than starting in the fall. That will bring our income up by nearly 50 percent. We could continue to live the way we do and put a considerable amount away each month. This would also help us eliminate the credit card debt we’ve accumulated. Either way, I have to find a way to increase my contribution to our coffers.
I’m hoping that by sticking with these resolutions we’ll be setting ourselves up to be in a pretty good spot for 2013. I’m hoping that will be the year we start growing our little family.
What are your goals for 2012?

One thought on “Hi, 2012. I Will Rock You

  1. Great goals, Ariella! You can do it! Is love to have a home too. We have some saved, but nowhere near what a down payment should be and honestly…what if we do move? Anyway, if you want a great moisturizer, find yes to carrots at Target. It’s a bit more expensive because it’s organic but it’s worth it.

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