Cat Blogging Saturdays: Meowy Christmas

Yup. I said it. Meowy Christmas.

How I found some guy to marry me is unbelievable.

As I help my mother prepare a traditional Christmas Eve dinner, I’m thinking of my kitties who are home in North Carolina. Jameson and Puppidawg aren’t traveling cats and the move itself nearly traumatized them for life.

While we’re away we have Jamie, our awesome cat sitter, taking care of them. I miss them, but I know they’re in good hands.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful and amazing holiday celebration of your choosing.

To my wonderful blogger friends who are also celebrating their first married Christmases, I hope you’re having an extra special and amazing day.

To my friends who are celebrating their first Christmas as a parent, I hope you are loving every minute of your first take at playing Santa.

And to my amazing husband, who may or may not read this, I love you and our little family so much. You are everything I ever asked for and everything I never knew I wanted.

This photo of Puppidawg was featured as our Christmas card last year. I don’t think we’ll ever get something as adorable until we feature an actual baby. 

I made a real honest attempt to get a good shot of Jameson, but between my lacking photo skills and the lacking natural light in our apartment, this was as good as I could get. 

Merry Holidays, everyone!




One thought on “Cat Blogging Saturdays: Meowy Christmas

  1. ah, here we go! after you collect a few weeks’ worth of these, i’d like to write up a post about your series and include all the links back to what you have so far. is that cool?

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