Marital Weight Gain

As you read, I gained 10lbs since getting hitched. It was mostly acquired in the past couple of months as my work load increased and days became longer.

I’ve been struggling with my weight since college. For the most part it has been steadily increasing, with a few random years of decrease. I’m officially at my highest weight ever.

I was heavier than I wanted to be on my wedding day and while I have learned how to make myself look skinnier in posed pictures, those candid ones didn’t help my cause, Particularly anything that showed me from the side. Ya know, like all of those photos of me saying my vows.

Out of all of those photos, I found one I like. Imagine hating every photo of yourself during the most important moment of your life. It was sad, depressing and I was ashamed of myself.

I’m ashamed because I have no one to blame but myself and my lack of discipline. I know that being overweight is bad for my health but that didn’t stop me from eating pizza with extra cheese. And it didn’t get me out of bed any earlier for a workout. It most certainly didn’t get me off my ass when opted for a nap earlier today.

So, I’m joining my blogger friend, Nicole at Big Day for 10K, in a virtual weight loss partnership and my husband for a physical weight loss partnership.

It needs to be done for a million reasons, most of which relate to keeping myself healthy and not just hating how I look. I feel like my body is starting to feel that weight in my knees and ankles. And most importantly, I’m uninsured so a healthy lifestyle is what is going to keep me out of the doctor’s office.

While I have no immediate plans to put a bun in the oven, I want to be at a healthy weight for when we decide to have a baby. The healthier you are, the easier pregnancy and labor you have. And considering I want to go all natural, I’ll need the easiest labor I can get.

I’m giving myself the next year and a half to get down to a healthy weight, which for my body type is between 115 and 125lbs. Right now, I’m looking at a 60-pound loss.

This was me almost exactly five years ago. I was hovering somewhere around 130-ish pounds, which is really close to a healthy weight for my small stature and frame. I lost 30lbs in 2006 I think mostly from stopping a medication that I had been on, commuting in and out of Manhattan and teaching swimming lessons. I’m an asshole for not maintaining this weight. 

Getting Back Into It

I have already started getting back into a workout routine. I decided a couple of months ago that part of the reason why I’m not sticking with my workouts is because I hate them with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

I hate most cardio, especially running. I have always hated to run. I have always been bad at running. I was an active, skinny child who HATED to run long distances. I was the girl who was stuck in the “non-athlete” gym class because my mile time always sucked. Instead of playing softball, I was doing non-contact sports with chicks who didn’t like to mess up their make up, just because I couldn’t run.

But, I love to swim.

Had I actually stuck with swimming, I probably could have gone to college for it. I probably could have done pretty well. I became one of those lifeguards that loved to swim but didn’t swim competitively. I maintain that lifeguards that did looked down on us, but whatever.

With some financial help from my parents, I joined the Y and shoved my fat ass into a bathing suit to start swimming again. I started out pretty strongly, going at least twice a week but have faltered a bit recently.

Swimming isn’t the type of workout where you can run in and run out. You have to change out of your clothing, do your workout, then change out of your bathing suit, then go home. All that changing adds at least 30 minutes onto your workout. 30 minutes that I might not have.

Along with swimming, I always loved to dance. I don’t do it very well and aside from a college ballet and Afro-Caribbean dance classes, I never formally trained. But, when I was 14 I would spend the bulk of my time with friends learning Backstreet Boys dance routines. I would dance to other bubble gum pop songs in my room. It probably helped me keep such a skinny figure.

I’d like to take a cardio dance class, like Zumba because that would be way more fun than getting on a treadmill.

I also don’t really care for weight lifting. I don’t hate it, so I’ll do it, but for strength training, I’d rather roll out my yoga mat and center myself with some hatha yoga.

I love yoga and used to practice in New York, but it’s been three years since I did it regularly, which means, everything I worked up to is gone. I have been taking at least one class a week at the Y. I would like to take more, but most of the other classes are in conflict with my work schedule.

When I can’t go to yoga, I’d like to try pilates, something that I’ve never done before.

In another post, I’ll talk about how Chuck have changed our diet from meat-based to vegetable based. Oh we’re not going veggie completely, but it’s been a great switch.

I’ll try to post my progress a few times a month but I encourage you to kick me in the virtual ass via Twitter.


7 thoughts on “Marital Weight Gain

  1. I freaking love you.

    A) We’re in the very same boat — I was an athlete until college, put on a little weight in college but for the most part was still active so I didn’t feel/see it. Post-college has been a huge struggle. Going from walking around campus daily to sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours a day is a really tough transition and it really makes it that much harder to lose weight.

    B) I’ve got about 60lbs to go to get to a healthy weight, too… and want to do it in about 18 months (less would be fabulous but who am I kidding?)

    C) I 100% support you and can’t wait to do this together and document our successes!

    D) I think we should meet once we’re at our target weights, take some pictures, maybe do a 5 or 10k and just have a fun weekend or something… Ever been to DC? Wana come visit?

    Power to you. Getting it out in the open feels good, huh?


    • I love you too!! And yes, it does feel good to get it out in the open. It’s like I have other people ready to kick me in the ass when I don’t get to working out.

      A) I started gaining weight the minute I got my car and stopped being as active as I had been. My HS boyfriend also introduced me to Wendys and other fast foods that I never ate regularly and made them a big part of my diet. I gained weight slowly in college, but it was definitely sitting behind a desk and the 90 mile commute that did me in. I’ve been on an upward climb ever since.

      B) Chuck and I promised each other last night that we’d both lose 60 lbs by my 30th birthday. Since I’m turning 29 on Friday, that gives us a year. I’m going to shoot for that, but formally give myself 18 months also.

      C) I 100% support you too and I’m so exited about it!

      D) OMG I LOVE THAT IDEA! We should totally do it!


  2. Yay! I’ll be cheering you on from the side lines. Although I must note, you are not an asshole for not maintaining your weight, you are a human. We humans love to make excuses. But there is ALWAYS time, it just depends on how much you want it. If you are working on diet, focus on alkaline foods, it can really help jump start the process! And get yourself some Dandelion tea. It tastes like ass but it helps cleanse which is important during weight loss and it will also help curb your appetite. Annnnd enough unsolicited advice for today! YOU CAN DO IT!

    • Thank you!! And keep that advice coming, especially the more natural stuff that I know you’re an expert in. One of my favorite teas has some dandelion in it and I actually really enjoy it. I had no idea that it helps to cleanse your system. You’re right that we’re a species of excuses. I don’t see my cat making excuses so I need to stop it too lol.

  3. You go, girl!!! Some times it’s that sudden awareness that helps propel you to the weight loss goal you have. However, don’t focus just on the numbers on the scale–focus on how your clothes fit, how you feel, your measurements, etc. You’ll see some pounds drop at first, then you might stall, but you’re still losing weight if your clothes are fitting looser and you’re feeling stronger, healthier. Watch what you eat, too. I recommend MyFitnessPal if you have a smart phone, or you can use it online. It tracks your calories in and out with workouts. Once you make yourself accountable for what you eat everyday, you’ll see a huge improvement! I’ll be glad to keep up with you–I’m training for a half-marathon, plus I’d like to lose around 5-10 pounds more before my wedding in October. It can be done.

    • Thanks girl! Your running tweets are always inspiring. I always feel like I should be doing more when I read them. I actually track both my weight and measurements since I know weight can fluctuate and measurements are more stable. I think I’m going to include them in a future post. Chuck and I are also changing our diets but our sweet tooth has really gotten hold of us lately. We just have to be better about it. I’d love to be virtual workout buddies, though I don’t think I’ll be doing a half marathon anytime soon. Running 1 mile is a challenge.

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