Preparing for Our First Solstice/Christmas

Chuck and I aren’t Christian so celebrating Christ in Christmas isn’t really part of our holiday.

For me Christmas has become a holiday that is comprised of family, love, being thankful for all that you have, and helping those that have less.

We decided last year that celebrating the Solstice, or the pagan holiday that Christmas jumped on, is much more honest.

Whatever you want to call it, Christmas, Solstice, Festivus, Chrismahanukwanzakah (thanks, Urban Dictionary for the spelling), or just The Holidays, we’re doing it for the first time as a married couple.

For clarity’s sake, we’ll go with Christmas.

Not gonna lie, I wasn’t into Christmas this year. With less than two weeks left, I’m still not that into it, but I’ll fake it till I make it.

I’m not exactly sure why.

It was in the upper 60s until a few days ago, so the weather wasn’t feeling very Christmassy.

Chuck and I are broke. Like, seriously broke. So spending as much as we’d like to on friends and family just isn’t in the cards. We have a $25 limit for each other and we’re prioritizing who we’re getting gifts for.

And the biggest Christmas unmotivator is not having my grandmother here. My grandmother was the glue that held our Christmases together and since she died, it just hasn’t been the same. I haven’t really been into Christmas since she died.

But, I put on some Christmas music and put up our tree. I added the lights and the star then waited until our First Christmas ornament came.

Little background. Since my first Christmas on earth, which was spent in the hospital since I had just been born two days prior, my parents have gotten me, and every one of their kids, an ornament for the tree. So, I have nearly 30 years worth of ornaments. Obviously, I will be continuing on with the tradition.

I purchased our first ornament from fellow bride and awesome wedding blogger, Mel from the Oceanside Bride. I love supporting small businesses and if one of those small businesses is a really kick ass chick that helped me get through my own wedding planning, then that’s even better.

It was the first to go on the tree, beginning a new tradition in our new little family.

After almost two weeks, I finally finished adding some more ornaments to the tree and hanging our stockings by the chimney with care and it finally began to look a little Christmassy in here.

I finished our Christmas card, courtesy of Shutterfly, using one of our wedding photos after some of my favorite Tweeps said it was totally OK to do six months after your wedding.

They will be the first Christmas cards sent by The Andersons Family and they went out in a much more timely manner than our Thank You Cards (more on that later).

With about 10 days left until Christmas, and only a week until my 29th birthday, I’m starting to feel good about the holiday. Not fantastic, but good. I’m looking forward to heading home to see my family, friends, their babies and their baby bumps.

So if I don’t get to posting before the holiday, I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Qwanza, Solstice, Festivus and any other holiday I may have forgotten. I want to thank you for swinging by here now and then and putting up with my unannounced hiatuses.

I have lots of plans for 2012. I just need to put them all in motion.




5 thoughts on “Preparing for Our First Solstice/Christmas

  1. I know the feeling. Christmas just isn’t the same as grown-ups who have lost people close to them, is it? I do hope that next week is a better one and while the spirit may not be strong, I hope your birthday and spending time with loved ones brings you & Chuck much happiness. Happy holidays & happy birthday!!!

  2. Well happy Chrismahanukwanzakah beautiful!! I love that your parents have gotten you a new ornament every year! And so glad you thought of me to help you carry out your tradition. Such a beautiful tree! And I love how you two have created your own way to celebrate. All the reasons you’ve chosen sound perfect to me! But I feel you though- living in FL with 70 degree weather the week before Christmas blows. No one decorates around here and everyone is still wearing shorts and flip flops- not really Christmassy either! But anyway- hope you, the hubby, and the fam have a fabulous time over the holiday! And a little early HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday shout out to you too!! xoxo

    • You too! I’m so happy that you could be a part of it! I really do love it and it looks fantastic on our little tree. I hope you have a wonderful first Christmas yourself!

      I’m not a HUGE fan of winter, but something doesn’t sound right about 70 degree Christmases. Maybe it was because I born in a blizzard. Or after a blizzard, or something.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. Long post about it coming up on Friday.

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