Six Months In

On the Dec. 4, Chuck and I “celebrated” our 6 monthaversary. I say “celebrated’ because we didn’t actually do anything other than our normal Sunday routine, which included cleaning and going food shopping.

I can’t believe it’s been six months since we said our wedding vows. It friggen flew. It feels like we just got married, but it’s been half a year.

Since getting married,

  • Two close friends and one cousin tied the knot
  • Two of Chuck’s friends got engaged
  • Two of my friends got knocked up (in the good, we-were-planning- it kinda way)
  • One friend bought a house
  • Chuck started applying to – and will hopefully be accepted to – grad school
  • We both got a raise promotion at the tutoring center
  • I was elected to the Board of Directors at the Raleigh Public Record (If you want to give me a Christmas present you can make a donation to this awesome organization)
  • and we collectively gained about 35lbs

I’m happy about all of it with exception of the weight gain. The last two months have been tough schedule-wise. Workouts faltered and pizza became a dinner staple. I thought I just shrunk my pants.


Turned out I expanded my waist-size by about 10lbs. I’ll discuss that in a separate post.

Married life has been, well, the same as unmarried life (I totally thought I discussed this, but I can’t find the post, so maybe I wrote the post in my head and never published it). When you live together and share a bank account, there really isn’t much difference between that and being married.

Sure, we no longer go the disapproving you’re-living-in-sin-and-going-to-hell face from conservative church goers, but on our end nothing really changed. Because of that, I don’t have any big revelations about our first six months of marriage. It’s been kick ass, but not much different than the six months prior to the wedding.

Sorry. Just being honest.

In the next six months, I hope that we will be able to continue on this upward journey that we’ve set for ourselves. We’ve come so far since we moved to North Carolina and I think we can make even more strides in the next 180-ish days.

I’m hoping that our next big step will be into a house of our own. Some might argue that we’re not a good place to buy, others say it’s now or never. Personally, I just want a place to call my own that has an abundance of sunshine, a place for a garden and a third bedroom for an office.

Despite wagers between friends, a mini-Anderson won’t be on the way for a while. While things are are slowly getting better, we’re in no place to care for a child. I don’t mind keeping the heat low or buying my clothes at Goodwill, but I don’t want that for my child.

Not to mention the fact I’m totally scared shitless of being a parent.

So, I raise an imaginary glass and toast the past six months. Here’s to the next 180-ish days.


3 thoughts on “Six Months In

  1. you’re so right about the anti-climactic-ness of marriage when you live together. i was kind of like, “eh, big deal,” and there was still a pile of laundry sitting in the corner of our bedroom when we got home from the hotel. but i still fully endorse living in sin first. there are some things that you simply cannot know about a person until you live together. i don’t care how many vacations you’ve been on or how much time you spend at the other person’s house. and this especially holds true if one or both of the peeps never moved out of their parents’ place.

    • I’m totally a big supporter of the living in sin method. I wouldn’t do it unless I had actual plans of one day getting married, but I think it’s a great way to really know a person. I would totally sacrifice that traditional feeling of a “first place” after marriage to know exactly what I’m getting myself into.

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