Panty Party

What girl doesn’t love getting new underwear?

I got plenty of it at my bachelorette party. My bridesmaid, Savanna, got a tip from a friend about a fun little game to play with the bride and her guests. Bachelorette party guests purchase a pair of panties for the bride, but doesn’t put their name on it. All the panties go in a bag and the bride picks her favorite pair. The winner gets a fun little prize. I thought this was a really awesome idea.

The key to this game is knowing what kind and what size underwear your bride-friend likes to wear. When I was in high school my size 5 ass may have looked great in some butt floss, but now I prefer something with a little more coverage for the junk in my trunk.

Savanna admitted she had to be a little creepy in order to find out what kind of underwear I wore. I laughed so hard as she told me about how she sifted through my underwear drawer to find out what I preferred to wear. “I felt like such a perv because I was doing it while you were in the shower!” she said. Needless to say, we were all hysterical.

I know not all girls are cool with that, so know your bride. Vanna knew I’d find the story hilarious, but other women might not be as cool with your riffling through their unmentionable drawer. Asking the groom is always a good bet or if mom still does the bride’s laundry, I’m sure she’d have a clue.


3 thoughts on “Panty Party

    • To be honest, when I was skinny, I didn’t really mind them. Some of them could be pretty comfortable. But now, the idea of my butt in a thong is a scary thought.

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