Easy Breezy Guestbook

I love being a writer, but when it comes to changing my name, I wish I had a normal occupation. 

There was no doubt that I was taking my last name. We already discussed this

But when you’re a writer, I need all that SEO stuff they talk about now. If I changed my name professionally, all of my work prior to my wedding would disappear. I feel like the same would happen if I hyphenated. 

So I changed my name legally then kept my maiden for my byline and general dealings as a professional writer. It was a bumpy process, especially when using gmail to route all my email to the same place. Apparently gmail uses this “from bla bla bla on behalf of bla bla bla” crap. 

Suddenly I got people calling me Ariella Hisname instead of Ariella Oldname.

Ugh. If any other writers can offer some advice on how to deal with this, especially in terms of social media, that would be super. 


I had a few interesting ideas for a guest book. Most of them involved a typewriter.

I bought scrapbook paper on super sale back in December and thought if I cut it into pieces, people can use the typewriter to type little messages that I could then display as a piece of art.

Yeah, none of that ever happened.

It was one of the many things that fell through the cracks because it just wasn’t a top priority. I never got the ribbon for the typewriter, never cut up the paper and overall, just stopped caring about it.

To be really honest, I love the thumb print tree, but I fell into the it’s-been-done-so-many-times-and-I-don’t-want-to-be-that-bride mode. Meanwhile, I can almost guaratnee that 98 percent of my guests had probably never seen it.
A beautiful thumb print guest book, by PaperTwig on Etsy

Because I bought my original dress at David’s Bridal, I got a $20 Shutterfly giftcard.

My intention was to use it to print photos from the wedding, but it became very handy for the photobook that I created.

I stole the idea from my matron of honor, who stole it from a website when she was planning her wedding.

In about an hour, I had created a nice photobook including all of the pictures I had of Chuck and me. I used a standard template, but you want to be more creative, you can arrange the photos yourself. I made sure to leave blank space on the pages so people could write easily without going over a picture.

I then bought thin Sharpie-like pens that wrote on the glossy pages effortlessly.

The cost of the book came out to about $25 including shipping. This was after my gift card. Shutterfly often has specials on their photobooks so even without a gift card, you can save a bit of money.

It’s not the most creative thing in the world, but at the very least, you have a photo album.


4 thoughts on “Easy Breezy Guestbook

  1. I didn’t even have one! This is a good one though, I really like it. I like that you used regular fun pictures instead of engagements. It makes it more personal, in my opinion. Love it!

    • Thanks! We didn’t have an e-session so I didn’t have engagement photos to include. I took all the ones I had of us. It was nice to read the things people said.

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