DIY: Sand Ceremony Container

Crap. Has it really been over a month since my last post?


I’ll admit, once I got married, I needed a wedding break. Not only have I neglected my own blog, but the blogs of some of my favorite future and former brides. Since my day job is also writing related, sometimes, OK, most times, I just want to stop staring at my computer and stare at the TV. No thinking or creativity required there.

With the kids back in school, my hours at the tutoring center have gone back to evenings, which means Chuck and I don’t get home until anywhere between 7 and 8:30. After a long day, it’s hard to even have the energy to hold a conversation.

I’m full of excuses.

Anyway, on with today’s post.

I was never really big on the unity candle. I thought it was silly to light the candle then blow it out. So, the fire represents the joining of two souls and then you extinguish it?

Meh. Not my style.

I decided long ago to have a sand ceremony. I thought it was a better visual representation of two people coming together and joining as one.

Photo by: Laura Rubilotta

But, it wasn’t one of my top priorities so I left getting a container for our love sand until about two weeks before our wedding. I couldn’t justify spending a ton of money on a glass container and most of the sets I found were cheesy.

While unable to sleep (because that’s what happens 2 weeks before your wedding), I came up with a brilliant idea. I’d make one out of the glass jars I had been saving.

As you might remember, I decided to save glass jars for our centerpieces. That never happened, but I’ve been keeping the glass jars because they come in handy for storage of pretty much anything.

Using some paint and a little bit of ribbon, I turned a Walmart salsa jar into our sand holder.

Photo by: Pete Schober

I apologize for not having any pictures of the process. This was done, in a rush, about three days before my wedding.

First, I removed the glue from the label using nail polish remover. You can also use Goo Gone, which I’ve found at hardware stores. It’s awesome and made from some chemical and citrus juices. I totally recommend it for life in general.

I then painted the lid using a sandtone color that I found on sale.

Next, I wrapped some white ribbon around the bottle right below the neck and secured with a little bit of glue. For an added touch, I tied some twine around that and secured with a bow and a little bit of glue.

And done. Easy right?

My original plan was to get sand from the north shore and sand from the south shore of Long Island, which was to represent the parts of New York that Chuck and I hailed from.

Yeah. That didn’t happen.

A day before the wedding, my friend Lex and I headed to the bay, because we woke up too late to head to the ocean, with my little container in hand. I shamelessly scooped the sand into the container and left.

A trip to AC Moore got us two smaller jars that would hold the sand that would be poured. We discovered that night that these vessels were a bit too small.

Oh well.

Some of the sand was left at the bottom of the jar.

Photo by: Pete Schober

Details like this sometimes send brides into a tizzy, but I really didn’t give a flying fudge at that point.

Now our love sand sits atop our mantle in a beachy little jar that goes just nicely with the rest of our beachy mantle decore.


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