The First Look

Chuck and I decided to take our photos before the ceremony after attending my friend’s wedding in December. It just seemed to make sense. Get the photos out of the way so you don’t have to bother with them afterward. Not only is it more convenient, but your hair and makeup are fresh and look their best.

We had arranged to meet in a courtyard of the hotel I was staying at the night before the wedding. It wasn’t the most picturesque place in the world, but it would have to do.

I was calm and collected when I took the elevator with my mother and even so when I walked toward the glass doors where I saw Chuck waiting for me. His back was turned and I made my way across the grass.

When he turned around, I melted and nearly cried. My hands were shaking as I attempted to pin his boutonniere. I barely noticed the videographer and the photographer capturing the moment.

It was fairly quiet for the first part of the hour that we took some photos. Our guests started to arrive, but we didn’t do much to hide. We even took some photos on a 150-year-old sailboat that was docked beside our ceremony. Most of our guests were already there and witnessed the entire event. Some were a little shocked by our disregard for tradition.

I was a little worried that seeing Chuck before the ceremony would minimize my emotions. We had spent an hour together, on our wedding day and I was incredibly calm. I told everyone that I probably wasn’t going to cry since we already had our moment.

But, I was wrong.

Our music began to play and I started walking toward the dock with my parents. We turned a small corner to begin walking down our aisle and halfway to Chuck, I began to lose it.

“I’m going to cry,” I said louder than I thought.

With that the tears came and it took a few minutes well into the start of the ceremony for me to compose myself.

It was like that first hour never happened and I was seeing him for the first time. It was one of my favorite moments of the entire day.

And one of the few things that I will remember forever.


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