One Week

In seven days and 12 hours I will be standing beside Chuck as we begin our lives as husband and wife.

This time a year ago, I wasn’t even engaged. I didn’t even know that a ring was on its way. I was too busy with the news that I would be moving to North Carolina. It amazes me how fast this year went.

These past couple of weeks have been surreal. People ask if I’m excited. I feel bad saying no. You should be excited for your wedding, right? I guess I’m not overtly excited because I still feel like it’s months away. It doesn’t feel like it’s only a week. I still feel like I have so much time.

I’ve also been distracted with work and all of the errands related to my wedding that I haven’t really had a chance to really focus on being happy and excited. But, if you ask me if I’m stressed I’ll tell you no, not until I try to sleep.

That’s when the anxiety kicks in. I already have issues with anxiety and a history of panic attacks. Generally, it’s pretty under control, but the past two weeks have had my heart pounding as I try to shut my eyes for the night.

All of the important stuff is done. We’ll have a place to say our vows, a place to party afterward, the marriage license and an officiant to make it legal and the rings to symbolize our vows. Everything else is fluff.

If my flowers don’t get finished or my tissue paper poms are half done, oh well. Whatevs. Those details are nice, but they aren’t necessary to a successful wedding day.

Whatever doesn’t get done this weekend won’t get done at all and I’m OK with that. To be honest, cleaning my apartment is a smidge higher on the priority list than my wedding crafts. I haven’t really cleaned in about a month. Straightened up sure, but really scrubbed things down? I couldn’t even tell ya. It’s pretty gross and unsanitary, I admit, which is why is why I’d rather scrub my bathroom than do tissue paper poms.

My only major and important errand this week is picking up my wedding dress. I was halfway to Durham when a massive storm passed through the Triangle and I decided that if I wanted to wear said dress, I should turn around and head home.

I’ll try to get another post in before the wedding, but I make no promises. You can catch me all over Twitter for the latest updates on my pre and post-wedding life.

Finally, to all of the people that followed me on my journey, I thank you.


2 thoughts on “One Week

  1. SO exciting, one week! You’re absolutely right, no need to be nervous. The basics are covered? Then you’re good. If anything else is missing, you’re the only one that will know it. You have a great attitude about it all, and I know you’ll have a fab wedding because of that great attitude. Enjoy this week!

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