Diagnosis: Bride Brain

Former brides will tell you that at some point during their planning process, they come down with what’s  known as Bride Brain.

Bride Brain is when your planning has gotten to the point that all you can think about is your wedding. Your brain is going a mile a minute and you become so overwhelmed that you can barely function as a normal human being.

Take my bachelorette weekend home. You already read that I forgot my pants at home, but here are some of the other things I forgot.

  • My checkbook — Thankfully, Chuck and I got some cash for the weekend, so I we didn’t have to run to the bank before paying for our marriage license. Ya know, that thing that makes this whole thing legal.
  • My pants — At the end of the night, my bridesmaid had to yell after me as I headed toward my friend’s car because I had forgotten the pants I had come to the hotel in prior to realizing I forgot my going out pants. So, I forgot pants twice.
  • My contact case with solution — When my friend Tommy came to pick a few of us up and drive us drunk ladies home, he had to bring some contact solution in a plastic container. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a spare case. So, I poured that solution into two shot glasses when I got to my bridesmaid’s house.
  • My keys — When I landed in Baltimore, I got an awesome message from my mother informing me that I had left my keys in the guest room back in New York. Yup. My keys. The keys to my car, which was parked in the parking garage and the keys to my apartment. Thankfully, my cat sitter and my friend Melissa are neighbors so the sitter dropped my spare apartment key off at Melissa’s house and her husband was able to come pick me up at the airport at nearly 11:00 at night. The car stayed in the garage one more night since Chuck was flying home the next day. Chuck had a layover from LA in New York so his parents, while picking up his brother who was on the same flight, were able to give Chuck the forgotten keys.
  • My shoes — I realized two days before heading in for my dress fitting that I forgot my wedding-day shoes in New York. I had to use a similar pair for the fitting and hope that it looks OK.

I’ve also had trouble sleeping. At night my mind races with minor, but important, details. For example, we’re doing a sand ceremony, but we have no container for the sand that is going to represent our love. So, I would lie awake at night wondering where I could get a sand ceremony set three weeks before my wedding (I’ve since come up with a pretty nifty idea involving ribbon, glue and an old salsa jar.). Because I have trouble sleeping, I also have trouble getting up in the morning. Instead of getting up at a decent hour before my day of work, I’ve been waking up at the same time I should start working. This has resulted in me starting my day in my pajamas and showering later. (If you’re new to the blog, I work from home, so it isn’t as weird as it sounded)

Then there’s the constant distraction while I’m actually trying to work. I will make one phone call or send one email before finding myself updating the guest list, Googling directions to the nearest JoAnn Fabric or reading a wedding-related post on one of my favorite blogs. I’ve actually apologized to all of my editors and asked them for their patience while I attempt to be a productive human being so close to my wedding. Thankfully, they’re all wonderful people and have been giving me a break.

I’ve tried to combat Bride Brain by writing everything, and I mean everything, down. I generally do, because I know I tend to forget things if I don’t. But, I’ve been extra anal about writing things down. I’ve also tried not to let it upset me. I understand that I have a TON of things on my plate right now and it’s OK to be overwhelmed and slightly insane.

If it hasn’t hit you yet, it will.

You’ve been warned.


5 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Bride Brain

  1. You mean there’s two weeks left and all you can think about is your wedding?!!?!

    LOL. Love you. And as always, let me know what I can do to lighten the load of madness 🙂

    • I know, right?

      I love you, too. You’ve been a great help with getting that ceremony done. And don’t worry, I’ll be putting all of you guys to work on Friday ; )

  2. Well damn it- I think this shizzle has hit me early- 2 mths out and what you wrote up there about waking up at the time you should basically be working/at work, creating lists for other lists, updating & creating new “To Buy” and “To DIY” notes, googling fabric shops, and reading other fav wedding blogs- yup that was me JUST THIS MORNING. Evidence: I’m reading and commenting on your post and I haven’t done anything for the last 2 hours here at work this morning (lol)! So thank you for the diagnosis. =) I’m glad there is a technical term for this craziness and look forward to finding the cure soon! Oh right- have a wedding and get married! Phew- there already is a cure! 😉

  3. Honestly, I was suffering from Bride Brain a couple of months ago, too, but I didn’t really FEEL it until my bachelorette weekend, which was about a month out. I keep my little wedding notebook next to me at all times. One day, I was so distracted by what I had to do, that I took a half hour just to write it all down and then I could get back to work. I have the same kinds of lists too, the To DIY, To Buy, DON’T FORGET.

    The cure is your wedding, but the treatment is your honeymoon. Bow chicka wow wow ; )

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