Almost There

Chuck used to tell me that he didn’t want to get married until he was 30. It bothered me when I was 26, because it seemed so far away. Today, he turns 29 and we’ll be married in less than a month. I guess he couldn’t wait. Happy birthday, babe!

Things are starting to kick into high gear.

Chuck and I went home last weekend to take care of some important wedding tasks, but also to have some bachelor/bachelorette fun. Unfortunately, Chuck’s trip to Vegas for his bachelor party got off to a really, really rocky start. I’m one of the few women in the world that hopes her fiance has a fantastic time in Vegas.

Before he left, we were up bright and early to get our marriage license, a moment in our planning that should have been much more emotional than it was. Maybe it was because this is one of many trips to some goverment agency that we’ve had in the same four months or because it was the first of many things on my To Do list. My mother was much more emotional than I was. I guess I didn’t really take the weight of the marriage license into consideration. As my frien Vanessa said, we’re officially unofficially married.

After a disappointing breakfast at the diner, it was off to the reception venue to meet with the catering manager. We picked our linens (sandtone tablecloths and white napkins), discussed and tasted the menu (crab cakes – YUMMY) and figured out the logistics of the day. It was exciting and overwhelming, but I tried to tell myself that by that point in the day, the most important event has taken place and whatever happens, happens.

I just might like our plan C more than our plan A.

While Chuck was whisked away to deal with airpoirt drama, I headed to the maritime museum for another meeting. The event planner was fantastic and gave us a ton of options for the day. She made my day when she told us that we could use the museum’s library as a ceremony location in case of rain. I was thrilled and no longer afraid of inclimate weather. My matron of honor was fantastic at helping me figure out some potential ceremony and picture spots. It was great to see her swing into wedding planner mode.

We decided on an A, B, C and D plan.

Plan A is to have the ceremony on the grass in front of the water.

If the grass is too muddy, wet, or filled with an extreme amount of geese poop, we move on to Plan B, which is on the dock by the canal.

Plan C is the library, which goes into effect if it rains.

Plan D is the reception venue, where we’d go if the museum was hit with some kind of random disaster.

While the rest of the night was spent at home, my mother and I discussed our honeymoon. She reviewed maps, money and tourist attractions with me as well as set up a schedule as to when I’d be seeing my family. Yes, family. More on our honeymoon on another post.

Saturday brought a hair trial (also more on that in a future post) and a meeting with one of my first blog followers, Rebecca, who offered to be our “DJ”. I’m so, so excited and happy to be working with her. I’m also incredibly thankful for the piece of mind that she’s giving me.

Everything is coming together, but the panic of still having so much to do remains. No matter how laid-back your wedding is, the last month is going to send you into a tizzy. There’s the emotional aspect of it, as you come to the realization that you are in fact getting married to the person you absolutely love, the financial aspect as you realize how broke you really are,  and then planning aspect, which needs no further explanation.

Just remember that every stressful, slightly evil moment you have is totally worth it.


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