Who Was I Kidding? Royal Wedding

Who was I friggen’ kidding?

I’ve spent the past six months so tired of hearing about the royal wedding. I didn’t care about what Kate was going to wear or that Will wasn’t wearing a ring. I didn’t care who was invited or who wasn’t invited. I just wanted to stop hearing about it.

Standing on a balcony would by my worst nightmare.

I had no intentions of staying up late and watching it. I don’t have a TV so I would have had to find a stream online somewhere and that just wasn’t worth the trouble. But, I might as well have stayed up since I was tossing and turning, stressing out about my own wedding plans. I got up late and the first thing I did was search for wedding recaps online.

And who the hell was I kidding? I LOVE weddings. I don’t care about the flowers, the dress, the center pieces or any other random detail. I love the wedding. I love watching a bride walk down the aisle to meet the man of her dreams, her own personal prince if you will. I always make sure I get a glimpse of the groom because it just lights up my life to see a man express so much love and emotion in his face as he watches his bride walk toward him. I love listening to the vows and seeing the exchange of the rings. I love when something goes slightly wrong and everyone laughs, breaking the seriousness that always comes with a ceremony. I love when the bride cries, but I especially love when the groom cries. I love the moment they are pronounced husband and wife.

It doesn’t matter who it is. If it’s Will and Kate, two of my friends, or some strangers on a wedding reality show, I get the same feeling of absolute joy and happiness when I see two people come together as one. I’m actually angry when I can’t hear the vows between a couple, because for me, that’s what I’m there for. I’m there to watch these two people promise to love each other for the rest of their lives. I’m not there for the food and drink – which are awesome, don’t get me wrong – but if I can’t hear your vows, I feel like I’ve been robbed.

For something like six months we were all obsessed over the little details over Will and Kate’s wedding, but when it came down to it, we all fawned over the actual wedding. It’s like we all remembered why we get married in the first place. Those who are engaged, get excited for their own nuptials and those who are married relive their own wedding vows. Suddenly the details weren’t so important. We all just wanted to see two people who love each other come together.

My friend posted a quote from Barbara Walters that said something to the effect of, with all of the devastation in the world, it’s nice to see that fairy tales still come true. This quote annoyed me because there are fairy tales happening every day. Will and Kate aren’t the only fairy tale. Sure, it was a nice respite from the news of Middle East conflict, fatal natural disasters and high gas prices. And as someone in the news biz who loves writing happy stories, this is a happy story that’s right up my ally. But, Will and Kate have their own fairy tale and all of us do, too. We all have our prince or princess, who we would do anything for. We all have someone that we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives with. We all have this kind of happiness. We all have our love stories and our perfect weddings – whatever perfect is for you, of course.

Hopefully brides won’t get caught up in Will and Kate’s fairy tale and just focus on their own.

Quick Thoughts

Kate is absolutely gorgeous.

I loved her dress. It’s not something I personally would wear, but I thought it was beautiful.

I feel like both Will and Kate were holding back their true excitement. For example, during the vows, it looked like Kate was trying to stop herself from smiling like an idiot, as most brides do. I think they did this because it was a royal wedding and I guess that calls for a heightened sense of formality. I kinda wish they would have just cut loose and do a happy dance.

We all got up in arms about Will not wearing a ring. I did think it was a little weird that the exchange was only one sided, but I realized something. We were all angry because the ring was suppose to be a tangible promise of Will’s vows. The tangible promise of Will’s vows is Kate’s ring. So, the argument is sort of the other way around. Kate never gave Will a tangible promise of HER vows. I bring up this point because we were all so quick to judge him, when in reality, we all forgot what the wedding ring truly stands for.

I still wish they eloped, because it just would have been awesome to hear that Will and Kate didn’t want the pomp and circumstance and just got married in front of close friends and family on some quiet island somewhere.

I’ve never actually heard Will’s voice before, so that was a little weird.

How awkward must it be to stand on that balcony and wave at people? That would be my worst nightmare.

OMG! THE MAID OF HONOR WORE WHITE! How long before the should your MOH wear white debate starts?

I really do wish them the best and I hope they can have a stronger marriage than Will’s parents had. I hope he can learn from their mistakes and they can honor the vows that they took today.


5 thoughts on “Who Was I Kidding? Royal Wedding

  1. On the MOH in white. First of all I was in an all white wedding this summer and it was fabulous. Second, Princess Diana’s bridesmaids etc were all in white. AND if you wanna get technical, and I usually do, bridesmaids traditionally wore white because they were decoys for bride stealers and evil spirits. Just like the bride and groom stand on the sides they do so he can get at his sword if he has to defend from bridestealers. And just like bouquets were traditionally more herbal/every flower has a meaning to predict fertility and ward off evil spirts.

    Just sayin’ 🙂

  2. Oh you know me, I don’t care that she wore white. But you know that’s going to be a thing after this whole wedding is over.

  3. Ok on the Barbara Walter quote….I think it was nice of her to say. Every day we turn on the news and see the natural disasters, war and economic problems. No one wants to watch the news anymore. Way too depressing but hey that’s life. But today for one day we can to see a true fairy tale. It was nice to see….let kids see that dreams can come true. And let it remind all of us who are engaged, married, with a boyfriend or girlfriend that we are lucky to have found someone to love.

  4. i think the dress was actually cream but showed as white on film (i read that somewhere, don’t remember where) and it’s a british tradition or something. i thought it was gorgeous and elegant. wish i would have done that instead of all black. and it’s like, these people who get all mad are dummies–everyone knows who the bride is. and if the guests don’t make a big deal out of it, then it’s not a big deal. it’s not like the bridesmaid was told to choose her own dress and never show it to the bride. i feel the same way about guests who wear white/cream to weddings–who cares? no one is going to be confused. we’re the ones–as viewers or whatever–who make it matter when it doesn’t have to.

  5. Oh was it? I didn’t hear that. I used to care about that, but now I really don’t give a crap. Hell, wearing white is only a tradition because Queen Something or Other wore it and now it’s a thing. Chuck is wearing the same thing the groomsmen are wearing and I thought, “Maybe I should have asked them to wear blue shirts instead so Chuck stands out.” Then I realized that Chuck is going to stand out because he’s the friggen groom. And when it comes down to it, no one remembers this stuff anyway.

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