Oh Yes, it’s Ladies Night

Anyone out there a Scrubs fan? If you are, do you remember the episode when Carla tried to plan Elliot’s bachelorette party and Elliot, being the type-A crazy that she is, completely took over? The moral of the story was Elliot had to let go and trust her friend to plan an amazing night out.

That’s essentially what happens to all of us bride-to-be’s, but how much should we let go and how much control is  okay to have in the planning of your girls night out?

Back in the fall, I got to chatting with one of my bridesmaids about bachelorette parties since she had just gone to one for a mutual friend. In our general conversation I noted a few things I wanted in particular. It was very important to me that the night be budget friendly and I wanted all my bridesmaids involved in the planning process. I didn’t want my big night out to be a financial burden on any of my guests. I had heard plenty of horror stories where some bridesmaids took over the entire bachelorette planning, completely leaving out the others. I wanted all of my girls to have an opinion.

I think those are general and understandable requests, but what about having a say in what is actually going to happen that night?

Manhattan is the ultimate party spot, but I just can't stand it anymore. {Photo credit - Daniela Monti}

I told my friend that I didn’t really care where we went to party as long as it wasn’t Manhattan. The only upside to Manhattan is that it is a middle ground between Long Island and Westchester, where my friends would be coming from. But truth be told, I can’t stand New York City anymore. I have no desire to have my friends pay $30 to go dancing at some techno music-playing club and go broke buying $12 watered-down drinks. Not to mention the cost of trains, subways, taxis, etc.

I also told my friend that I once thought wine tasting out on the North Fork would be a great way to spend the day with the girls. I then remembered my issue with motion sickness. I can’t really handle being in a limo for too long before I start feeling a little nauseous. Couple that with being a little (okay, a lot) buzzed and I’ll be throwing up and miserable in no time.

Fast forward to next weekend when I’ll taking part in a Saturday filled with bachelorette activities. I don’t know too much, other than it’s in three parts. I’ve been assured that it’s budget friendly and that all of my friends had input. My friends know me well enough that I’m confident that an amazing night is in store. And to be honest, I miss all of them so much that I’m thrilled just to be spending time with them.

While I promise to give you the lowdown on the weekend, but I can’t promise too many pictures. ; )

When it comes to the planning of your bachelorette party, you’re definitely going to have to let go and have faith, but I don’t see anything wrong with laying down a few ground rules.


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