The Lame Shower Gift

A good wedding registry will have a variety of items on it. Some are cheap others are $400 Kitchen Aid stand mixers. This is to account for people with a wide range of budgets. When buying something off of my friends’ registries, I always tried to buy a “substantial” gift. I always bought the dishes or the everyday glasses because I didn’t want to give someone, who I considered to be a good friend, a lame shower gift. But, I wanted to give them something that they would use every day.

Making meatballs has never been so easy.

In my mind, a lame shower gift was a colander, or can opener. My friendship with these women was worth more than a colander or a can opener. It was worth a set of their china, but typically, I was on a budget. I rarely steer from the registry, but I have done so in the past. I gave my matron of honor a scrapbook with more scrapbooking material than she could count and I gave another friend of mine some fun stuff she could use on her honeymoon. Sometimes, I find out if there is something particular that my friend wants. One of my bridesmaids told me that one of her favorite registry items was a $20 hot chocolate maker. And that’s what she got from me. I try to put a little thought into buying off the registry, but I always stayed away from those lame presents.

Then two weeks ago, I was on the gift receiver end of the game. I got a ton of amazing and wonderful and generous gifts from my friends and family. By no means do I mean to sound ungrateful, because I’m so appreciative for all of it. But, I didn’t get some of the lame stuff I really wanted. I was thrilled to get my food processor. I can’t wait to make soup or sauce and have my prep time cut in half because I have a larger processor to chop onions, celery, etc. As as thrilled as I was to open that gift, I was just as excited to get my Pampered Chef garlic peeler, which costs like, $8.

The only kitchen gadgets I got were ones that I happened to mention to my mother, like a can opener and a meat thermometer. I was disappointed to see that I didn’t get the over the sink strainer that I think about every time I wash vegetables. Well, until a package arrive a few days later from my friend Toni, who not only got me that, but a few other small kitchen items.

Every time I spent 10 minutes peeling garlic I would wish for this garlic peeler.

I can imagine the reason why people didn’t get these kinds of gifts is because, well, they’re lame. When you pair up the garlic press against the ice cream maker, the ice cream maker looks like the superior gift, but really, the garlic press is just as awesome. I wouldn’t get my friends a garlic press unless they said, “Man, cooking is going to be so much easier once I get my garlic press.”

There is a point to this post and I’m going to get to it before I continue to sound like an ungrateful bitch. If you’re going to be giving a shower gift soon, consider the lame gifts. Maybe put together a basket with a whole ton of those lame gifts. The bride registered for a meat thermometer or a cutting board for a reason. Odds are that she’s been hoping for that stuff just as much as she’s been hoping for the new toaster oven. We all sort of feel like we have to quantify our friendship with an awesome gift, and we definitely need to get out of that mindset. Your friend is going to love you whether you get her a china setting or a basket full of kitchen gadgets.

And never over look the awesomeness that is cold, hard cash.


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