Tuesday Shoesday: Wedding Kicks

When my friend Veronica got married about two years ago, I bought a great pair of shoes for her wedding. I knew I could wear them multiple times and thought they would be perfect for my own one-day wedding. To be honest, I still think they’re perfect, but my ceremony will be held on grass, which makes walking, even in a small heel, a bit difficult.

So, I used that as an excuse to go on the hunt for wedding shoes. My bridesmaid Savanna and I scoured the mall for hours and I finally settled on a pair of beige wedges. I was particularly looking for wedges because it would give me height and support, but apparently this season only natural-colored wedges are in style. I thought my choice worked out because the shoes also matched the $37 dress I snagged from The Limited clearance rack to wear for my bridal shower and rehearsal. Add another use for my friend Sabrina’s wedding in November and that’s a total of four wears this year for these shoes.

The number of wears is important to me when buying anything that costs more than $40. I don’t mind paying $80 for a pair of shoes if I know I can get a ton of use out of them. And that’s how much these babies cost. While at Kohl’s recently, I found two pairs of wedges that I thought were also cute, and almost half the price. While fun wedding shoes, only one pair would look OK with the bridal shower dress.

I was in the middle of this mental debate when I upped and quit my job. To cut down on costs, I decided to return the $80 shoes and wear my original pair from two years ago. The heel is low enough that I think I’ll survive on the grass. I could also buy these SoulMates things that go on your heels. But, with my only pair of black pumps suddenly too small thanks to the excessive amount of weight I’ve gained since originally purchasing them, I’m now bridal shower shoeless, with only four days until my shower. I could buy a new pair of black shoes that are more reasonably priced or, I could keep the $80 pair as planned. A huge part of me is leaning toward the former, but I’m not exactly sure what to do.

For your viewing pleasure, here are the shoes in question (my apartment has the worst lighting in the world so I apologize for the terrible photos)


These are the original shoes. Notice the sparkle, but also the flip flop design, which is perfect for a beach themed wedding. My concern is getting those small, but spiky heels stuck in the grass.


With just enough height and plenty of support, I thought these comfy shoes would be great for the wedding and bridal shower and rehearsal dinner and another wedding. But, with limited funds, $80 is a little too much for us to handle.


Something blue, perhaps? These shoes were fun, comfortable and fairly inexpensive. I could wear them with jeans, but not the bridal shower/rehearsal dress.


I thought these shoes were cute and pretty fun for wedding shoes. They would look OK with the bridal shower/rehearsal dress, but not fantastic. They would also need to be ordered and it’s way too late for that.


So, that’s my shoe dilemma. Thoughts?





5 thoughts on “Tuesday Shoesday: Wedding Kicks

  1. Peronsonally I think the $80 shoes are keepers. All the things you planned to wear them for are still in play and you already have them. There is so much stress involved in finding other shoes that work for your purpose, that even if you saved 20-40 buck by returning and then findning two cheaper pairs, you will have spent that money in gas and frusteration in trying to find mutiple things that are cheaper than sticking to the one you already have, that you already love.

  2. I agree with Lex… Besides what you’ve already planned to wear them for, they are extremely versatile and I suspect you will wear them for years to come.

  3. I like the $80 shoes the best too, though the original one’s are cute also but the grass issue is a def concern. Everytime I wear my spiky heeled boots, they sink into the grass. It’s frustrating, but I’d imagine it’s more frustrating on your wedding day! You don’t want grassy, muddy heels on your wedding day. And I agree about the gas and frustration thing… You already have them, you are going to get a lot of use out of them, they look good for a wedding dress but are definitely wearable for other occasions. I think the last two shoes look too casual for a wedding day. The $80 shoes seem perfect. Just treat yourself and keep them.

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