Wedding Invite Crisis

Yesterday, we got our first RSVP for our wedding but it didn’t come without any drama.

Let’s flashback to last weekend, shall we?

Compiling addresses for your invitations has got to be the most difficult part of wedding planning, aside from losing weight. Nothing is harder than losing weight. When you have 190 guests to invite, which amounts to about 105 physical invitations, things are going to get a little confusing.

I started collecting addresses as soon as I could, because I knew that it was going to become a huge pain in the butt. I used The Knot’s guest list manager, which has some good qualities and some bad qualities. If it wasn’t too late to redo it all, I would probably have created my own Excel sheet and just said screw it.

Even now that my invitations have officially been mailed and received by most, we’re still missing two addresses. Those two couples, who are on Chuck’s side, of course, are going to get their invite so late they’ll look like they’re on the B List. But, I can only nag him so much. He knows we’re missing the addresses and he knows the invites went out so I’m washing my hands of the situation.

Anyway, I’m using The Knot’s guest list manager and in order to print out the list, you can export it into Excel. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this. Every time I do, I delete all the unnecessary columns, rename some of the columns to take up less space and reformat the Zip Code column because Excel automatically deletes the “0” when it’s the first number. This is clearly one of this application’s flaws. It’s also a flaw with Microsoft, but don’t even get me started with Microsoft flaws.

I’ve done this maybe 10 times in the 10 months we’ve been engaged.

Because I’m lazy – or too busy with other wedding things – instead of hand-writing our addresses, I decided to put my mail merge skills to the test and create labels. Sure it’s tacky, but there really isn’t too much about this wedding that’s classy. Labels were created, looked over, then applied to envelopes. All was good and my invitations sat, waiting to be mailed for two weeks.

My bridesmaid, Vanna, came to visit last weekend and our number one responsibility was mailing out my invitations because I had forgotten to do so the day before. She causally asked me which address I had sent hers to. I sifted through the pile, found her invite (honestly, if I didn’t already put a stamp on it, I would have just gave it to her) and read her address aloud.

“Hey…wait. There’s a number missing in the zip code,” I said reading the numbers to her.

“Oh, it’s missing the zero,” She said.

The mother-effing zero. The ONE time I didn’t reformat the column was the same time I created the mail merge. I was so preoccupied with making sure all of the addresses could be read clearly or were addressed to the right person that I had failed to notice the non-existent number.

All of my guests from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Vermont were missing zeros and subsequently would have never received their invitations. Let’s face it. Back in the day, the United States Post Office would have done the extra leg work to figure out where this piece of mail had to go. Now, they just say, screw it and it ends up in the Land of Slightly-Wrong Addresses.

What made matters worse was that I made these labels at work because my printer is busted. By creating new labels at work, I would have had to delay mailing these invitations by at least another three days (and considering how busy it’s been at the office, it would have been more like a week). My other options was to place a blank label over the incorrect one and hand-write the address.

If you didn’t think my tacky wedding invitations couldn’t get any more tacky, you bet they just did.

Honestly, I couldn’t help but laugh. Of all brides, the professional writer needed a copy editor to make sure her invitations were addressed properly.

The moral of the story: Have someone check every single thing that has anything written on it.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Invite Crisis

  1. Oy, I should have warned you about just using excel. I used for my address list & while there were probably some upsides, having to go in & generate & format various versions of the spreadsheet was a pain. I’m glad I have nice handwriting b/c the idea of figuring out mail-merge sounds nearly as appealing as a visit to the dentist. May the rest of the wedding planning go smoothly!

  2. Boo, I just left a comment but it didn’t get posted. Anyhow – I should have warned you about the excel thing. I didn’t have the zip code issue but definitely paid my spreadsheet-generating-and-formatting dues. May the rest of the planning go smoothly!

    • Oh lame!

      Ugh, yeah. I was really concerned about the addresses getting cut off or forgetting someone on the invite. Or, this was really bad: The Knot has two tabs, one for “Party” and one where you write what goes on the envelope. Well, when Chuck’s grandmother died, I removed her from the “party” tab but not the envelope tab. So I nearly addressed an invitation to his poor grandfather with his wife still on it. I was so concerned with that stuff that I didn’t even notice the zip code. From here on out, I’m just using the latest spreadsheet. No more Knot stuff. Too confusing.

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