With This Ring

Since tomorrow I will be partaking in the Blogger Day of Silence I wanted to post this tonight. It’s either late or early depending on how you look at it. I know that there are a ton of you anxiously awaiting pictures of my wedding ring, which came on Tuesday.

I’ll be the first to admit that I hate shopping. I’m not much of a hunter when it comes to finding the perfect things. I tend to be an impulse shopper. No matter what it is, I can think of a million ways I’d rather spend my time than driving from store to store finding the perfect whatever. My wedding ring was no different.

I’ll admit that I only went to two stores. I browsed online a bit and then made up my mind that I was buying a ring from Brilliant Earth. I had been interested in their jewelry for some time now and was a huge fan of their mission statement. I loved that their jewelry was recycled and 5 percent of their profits go to help those in Africa who were affected by the diamond and jewelry trade. I mean, honestly, I don’t see too many companies donating their profits or doing anything good with their money other than just rolling around in it.

With the help of my customer representative, Jordan, I got myself a low-profile palladium ring. Poor guy had to deal with my emails for weeks before I finally called him to order the actual ring.

After it had been processed he sent me my order confirmation and tracking number and I waited anxiously for the Fed Ex guy to arrive.

“I’ve been waiting for this all day,” I told him when he finally showed up at 4:30. “It’s my wedding ring.”

“OH! That’s great!! Congrats!” He said handing me the tracker thing to sign.  As customary when receiving a package from Fed Ex or UPS, he asked my first and last name. Then, as he was leaving he asked, “What will it be?”

Of course I get all giggly and smiley as I answer, “Anderson.”

“Well Mrs. Anderson, you have a nice day.”

I tear open the box (Which, note to Brilliant Earth, is there a reason why you use SO MUCH packaging for such a small ring? Kinda goes against everything you believe in, no?) and stare at the shining band looking back at me. I immediately place it on my finger and find that it is a bit larger in depth than I had expected and didn’t fit as well with my engagement ring as I had hoped. But I loved it. I really did.

I loved it because I was looking at a blank canvass. This weekend I plan on trekking back to Grimble Jewelers to have their designer, Tony, engrave the same design on it that is on my engagement ring or something similar. I can’t wait.

I love this wooden box that my ring came in.

Wedding ring and engagement ring

Attempting to not take such boring pictures.

As a pair, they don't work as well as I would have liked, but I think they'll look great once the band is engraved.


Now to order Chuck’s.


4 thoughts on “With This Ring

    • Really? They advertise everywhere. I checked them out a couple of years ago out of curiosity and always had them in my head. If Chuck didn’t want a titanium ring, we’d be looking there for his too. And the prices are reasonable too. They quoted me at a lower rate than the jewelry store I’m getting the ring engraved at. And it included shipping.

  1. Haven’t commented on your blog in a while, i’ve been very behind now that i don’t have internet at work lol. But I’m all caught up now – anyway, I think the band and the engagement ring look great together. I don’t think they are mismatched in any way. And I think I remember you mentioning in a prior post about how you wanted the two rings to match, like to go together, but i don’t think you have to. Originally I wanted a more vintage engagement ring but it turned out, i didn’t like how they looked on my finger. So i got a more modern looking ring. But when it came time to get the wedding band, I tried on all types of rings regardless of what my engagement ring looked like. I ended up with a vintage looking wedding band that i LOVED so even though it wouldn’t “perfectly” match with my engagement ring, i got it anyway. at first, when i looked at them together on my finger it didn’t seem like they went together, but actually after time, now i think they look awesome together. it’s a blend of two styles, both of which i love. so i think that as long as you love each ring individually, you’ll ultimately love them together. and i also think you fall more and more in love with them as time goes on, they become a part of you. anyway, i think they look great together, but that’s just my opinion!!

    • Thanks hun! I’m actually going to the same place Jes and Brian did for their wedding bands. I’m confident they’ll look great once the engraving is done.

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