For Japan with Love

Sometimes I feel like I’m just floating around this world, not doing much to make any sort of positive impact. Sure, I’ve written a few good stories here and there about some awesome charitable organizations or the philanthropic efforts of individuals, but I still feel like I could be doing so much more.

Since joining the blogging community, I feel like I’ve been making a little bit more of a difference. I feel like I’ve been making some sort of impact in this world and in the lives of other people. Last week you read about #OperationLayla, which benefits a young uninsured woman who needed surgery to fix a painful side effect from another surgery she had to remove a cancerous tumor from her cervix. In less than three days #OperationLayla was able to raise more than what she needed for the surgery and the post-op care. Anything donated after meeting that goal will go to help the relief effort in Japan.

Which brings me to this post. Tomorrow, I will be participating in a Bloggers Day of Silence, organized by Every Ours and Utterly Engaged.

For Japan with Love is not only a fundraiser  for those hit hardest by the tsunami, but it’s to keep this event in all of our minds. Despite the ongoing news coverage, most of us have probably already moved on. We’re bitching about high gas prices and the .5 percent raise in food prices. Yes, both those things have an affect on on us. Yes, it’s hard to squeeze even more out of our tight budgets, but are you without food, water and electricity? Are you frantically trying to locate your lost family members? Are you trying to rebuild your home?

No. You’re not.

And we’re all guilty of it. Hell, I’ve been moping around, barely eating all week because I’m having a really hard time at my job. I’ve been suffering from tension headaches and a weird pain in my lower-abdomen. But, my depression and anxiety doesn’t add up to what the Japanese people are dealing with right now. And dealing with it with so much more dignity than I ever could. We’re all allowed to feel like we’re going through the worst time ever, but while you’re doing so, keep in mind that others are going through something much harder.

So, that being said, I will not be posting on my blog tomorrow as scheduled. But, I owe you a post from Tuesday and I know that many of your are anxiously awaiting pictures of my wedding band. I will do my damnedest to post tonight.

Click here for more information on For Japan With Love.


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