The Perfect Band

I’ve decided that jewelery stores have the most ridiculous hours. I’m not sure if they close at 6 for safety/robbery reasons or if they just think they’re that special. In any case, it makes ring shopping a bit difficult.

But Chuck and I took advantage of a fairly free Saturday and headed to Chapel Hill to check out wedding bands. We went to Grimble Jewelers at the recommendation of a friend who had just gotten married.

I had intended on purchasing an antique  to match my equally vintage engagement ring. Not only would it be cheaper, but it would be eco-friendly and unique as well. Plus, I’m a firm believer that anything made prior to 1970 is of higher quality since now everything is made with profits in mind rather than good workmanship.

I'm pretty much set on this ring from Brilliant Earth

Unfortunately, Grimble did not carry any antique weddings bands in their collection because they aren’t big sellers. The consultant also informed me that pairing platinum and white gold isn’t a good idea. Since platinum is more dense than white gold, the white gold ring will wear faster and become discolored. White gold already needs to be replated every so often to keep it’s color.

I could forgo wearing my engagement ring once we’re married, by I love my ring so that ain’t happening. I did a little research to make sure I wasn’t just being swindled and I found conflicting information. Some sources said that wearing gold with platinum is fine while others reported a lot of damage. It seems as though the damage comes with how much regular wear and tear you put your ring through. If you’re like me and wear your ring while washing your hands, to the gym, while cooking meatballs and moving furniture, then odds are you’re going to see some damage over time.

The girl in me thought, “Awesome! Excuse to get a platinum ring!” But, I quickly found out how good of a deal we got on my engagement ring. A simple platinum band was $1,200. $1,200. I admitted that platinum was just not going to be in our budget.

She suggested palladium, which is a natural metal that has the same density as platinum. While it will still lose its color, it will not tarnish as quickly. The best part is that palladium is the same price as gold.

A simple palladium band will be about $250 and for an extra $200 I can have it hand engraved to match the engraving on my engagement ring.

A little more research found me emailing Brilliant Earth to get a price quote on a recycled palladium band so I could still be somewhat Earth friendly. The cost for a 2mm comfort-fit band is $240. Not bad, eh? I can still get in engraved by the artist at Grimble who did an amazing job on my friend’s ring. I am also considering the low-profile ring, which would be $300 in palladium but it is a little bit of a different and unique look. The problem is I am unsure how it would look with my engagement ring. Since palladium is considered a special order, it can’t be returned.

I’m also not sure why I am stressing out about it. Unless I design a wedding band to go perfectly with my engagement ring, there’s no way it will ever be perfect. I should buy the band that I like regardless of how it looks when I wear another ring.

For the guys

Chuck digs this ring, but it has to fit perfectly.

Chuck was drawn to the titanium bands. And I have to agree. They have a more manly quality to them. I also like the darker look of the metel. But, we also learned that titanium can’t be sized, so if you gain or lose any weight you’re SOL. He found one he liked at Grimble, but I had him browsing on Etsy for some other options. He found this one from Titanium Knights, that we both really liked. The seller has fantastic reviews, but I’m a little nervous about purchasing something without being able to look at it in person. Also, if it needs a bit of sizing done to it, we’re SOL. The seller will refund your money, after charging you for the return.

We swung by Kay Jewelers recently where he found some more titanium bands along with ring that was a mix of white and yellow gold. While asestically, I like titanium more, its inability to be shaped or even engraved concerns me.

Now to just find another free Saturday.


On a side note, how are we all feeling about the new look? I don’t know if I’m digging it.


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