A First and Last Valentine’s Day

In my adult life, I was really never into Valentine’s Day. In my teenage life I longed to be that girl who carried around flowers and a teddy bear. My junior and senior year, I became that girl and it was awesome.

As I got older, however,  I began to care less and less about the holiday. As a serial monogamist I think I was only actually single for one Valentine’s Day since I was 16 (not bad for the ugly chick with buck teeth/braces glasses, frizzy hair and a face full of pimples. Junior high was NOT good to me). But, until Chuck most of my relationships were long distance at one point or another, which forced me to spend many Valentine’s Days with friends not really alone, but not really together.

Chuck and I have always had low-key Valentine’s Days. Our first one was spent watching a hockey game, while eating steak and Chinese fried rice. That night he told me he loved me, which was awesome because I was TOTALLY fighting the urge to tell him I loved him. Last year we attempted to make dinner in my kitchen, which resulted in me setting a pot on fire and my mother having to put it out. Romantic, eh?

This year, I didn’t want candy or flowers, but I did want to do something. I wasn’t really sure why. So, we did something. We went out for lunch at Carolina Ale House on Sunday. It was nice and our burgers were good, but it didn’t hit the Valentine’s Day spot.

Lobster tails, lobster stuffed salmon, rice pilaf, white wine and garlic bread. Not bad if I do say so myself.

On my lunch yesterday, I ran over to Harris Teeter in an attempt to find something to special to make for dinner. The good man behind the seafood counter assured me that making stuffed salmon and lobster tails was easy. I believed him and got two lobster stuffed salmon fillets and two lobster tails. I picked up some garlic bread and a giant cookie cake and anxiously awaited 6:00. I knew that Chuck and I would be getting home at the same time, but I wanted at least part of this dinner to be a surprise so while chatting with him online, I reinforced our original dinner plan of Tuscan bean soup and the gym.

We pulled up to the apartment at the same time and I showed him my dinner surprise. He was pretty excited about it, I have to say.

The Harris Teeter seafood guy was right. Stuffed salmon and lobster tails was pretty easy to make. Our dinner was done within a half hour of when we got home.

While cooking it dawned on me why I wanted to do something this year. It was our first Valentine’s Day in our own place and our last as an unmarried couple. Having our own place meant that we didn’t have my mother putting out fires or his parents banging on the bedroom door to wish us a good night. We could light candles and drink a whole bottle of wine and we would be alone.


And since we’re getting married it’s very likely that we’ll only have one or two more quiet Valentine’s Days before we have to share it with someone other than our cats.

I didn’t stress out about my messy apartment and we didn’t worry about not going to the gym. We just curled up on the couch and watched TV with the cat.

It was definitely a night to be cherished.


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