The Cake Whisperer

At least once a week my cousin Saverio posts pictures of his latest confectionery creation. And every week I’m incredibly impressed.

By looking at his work, you would think he was a professional baker. Nope, he’s a professional green engineer and professor and baking his just a hobby of his.

A wonderfully delicious hobby.

One Saverio's weekly baking creations. His cakes are in high demand from friends and family.

After devouring a piece of Oreo ice cream cake and licking the plate clean, I knew that no other baker would do for my wedding day dessert. And I know that we can all agree that things taste way better when made with love. When Chuck and I got engaged I asked if he would be willing to bake our wedding cake and he agreed. With caution.

Six months and countless cakes later, he said he’s pumped for the challenge of making his first wedding cake. I finally sent him some rough ideas of what Chuck and I were thinking. We’d love some kind of Nutella and peanut butter filling because…well, do I really need an explanation? It’s NUTELLA and PEANUT BUTTER. While I often joked that those allergic will just have to nosh on the other provided dessert, we are figuring out a way that those who don’t want a plate of death by wedding cake can still enjoy.

Next was theme. When I asked Chuck what his cake ideas were, he came up with a three-layer Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and a giant hockey puck. No more cake input from him. Our wedding is sort of beachy and sort of maritime-y. We’re getting married at a maritime museum and it only dawned on me recently that I could have carried the maritime theme into our reception. But the maritime-themed cakes I found were kind of lame so I sent him a few photos of beachy cakes that I thought were pretty cool.

The one interesting twist about our cake would be the inclusion of those kitty cake toppers that I had been researching. Sure they don’t really match my theme, but I think two cats perched atop our cake says more about who we are as a couple than two empty beach chairs or some kissing dolphins.

I also told him not to worry about factoring in the top of the cake as something to be saved and frozen. Since Chuck and I are heading back down to North Carolina the logistics of carting a frozen piece of cake 550 miles are just too difficult to deal with. Since we will most likely leave for our honeymoon from New York leaving it unfrozen isn’t an option either. Plus from what my friends have told me, unless it’s preserved correctly it doesn’t taste very good. Not to mention the lack of space I have in my freezer. Saverio will just have to make another one on our anniversary. Damn.

And if you weren’t already thinking about cake, I present to you this beachy, cakey inspiration board.

Cake Credits (clockwise from left) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6



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