The Countdown: 4 months

Before I begin this post, I’d like to make a public service announcement. When someone is irritated enough to give your business a bad Google review, you should not respond with a nasty email written in ALL CAPS.

Phrases like, “SORRY I DIDN”T LAY DOWN AND DIE FOR THIS GIRL.” or “I DO NOT EVEN REMEMBER TALKING TO THIS GIRL-SHE SOUNDS JUST LIKE A REAL WINNER!!!” do not bode well for your professional reputation (especially in the age of the internet where someone can forward your email to everyone she knows, Tweet it on Twitter and post excerpts on her blog.). It also doesn’t comply with your practice of, “TREATING EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER WITH RESPECT AND KINDNESS!” Sure you might be thinking all of this, but I don’t think it’s a proper and professional way to handle criticism.

“THIRTY ONE YEARS SAYS ALOT ABOUT ME AND THE WAY I CONDUCT MY BUSINESS!!!!” Yes, but this email says so, so much more.

I won’t print the name of the boutique in question, just like I failed to mention it in this post, but if you’re curious, shoot me an email at I’ll even share it with you if you want, because it is pretty funny.

On with today’s post:

Three years ago Chuck and I had this cute little conversation in which we decided that we wanted to see each other exclusively. Go steady, if you will. We had met online so the prospects were still there. We were both talking to other people, but didn’t go on any dates with them after we had met. We decided that February 4 would be our “date’.

Taken three years ago at our first game together. When the Islanders didn't suck nearly as hard.

While February 4 has a wonderful meaning in the eyes of our relationship, it was given new meaning when we decided to get married on June 4. We are now four months away from our wedding.

Four. Months.

And there is so much left to do. But instead of dwelling on what’s left, I’m going to focus on what I’ve done. That’s way less stressful.

My reception and ceremony venues are booked and deposits have been placed. Contracts have been signed and soul has been sold.

Photographer and videographer have also been booked with deposits put down. They are now mine on June 4.

I bought a wedding dress, then decided to buy another one. With four months left, I just placed an order for another dress that is an inch too small in the waist. In all fairness, it’s my size in the chest and hips. Going up another size just seemed silly. I can totes lose like 10 pounds…..totes……….{takes bite of pizza}.

Bridesmaids dresses have all been bought and are in their possession.

I have crocheted a good portion of the flowers that I will use for the bouquets. I need to do about 15 more and then I can assemble them. All 90 of them.

My sister completed our invitations and is working on our RSVP cards and Italian wedding announcements. She said they would be ready by the end of this week.The whole blogosphere is watching you, little sister.

Our list of songs to download is almost complete. We need about 20 more. So bring on the suggestions, people!

Oh iCal, how I love you.

And….umm….that’s it. Wow…that’s it??

Jeeze. I have so much to do.

But to be fair, I’m not behind schedule. About two months ago I created a master To Do list and gave myself deadlines to have all of my wedding tasks done. I then put these deadlines into my calendar. The next impending deadline is February 26 when the guest list must be completed. I’m missing about 15 people. Those 15 people are all of the groom’s friends. Shocking, right? I’m about to hijack his Facebook account so I can send emails myself.

The week after I have another payment due to my videographer, we must have ordered our rings and the invitations must be printed. You don’t want to see what March – May look like.

So, for as much crap as I still have left, I’m actually doing pretty well.

We’ll see how I feel on March 4.


5 thoughts on “The Countdown: 4 months

  1. Go you! And if you need help/ideas on putting the ‘bouquets’ together, let me know. In addition to my awesome spiritual prowess, I gots mad floral skills yo.

    • Thank you, Steph!! I’m a reporter. My life revolves around deadlines. Without them I’m lost because I’m also a HUGE procrastinator.

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