Even Ugly Dresses Deserve a Chance

When I first asked Jes if she’d be up for taking a ride to Bridal Mart, I called it Bridal Barn. After having gone there, I’ve decided that it was a fair mistake.

If you’ve ever been inside a David’s Bridal, and if you’re a budget bride, I’m sure you have, you’ll remember the rows and rows of dresses kept in clear garment bags. Maybe you were allowed to peruse the bags with your consultant, and maybe you weren’t. Bridal Mart is a giant store, filled with rows and rows of garment bags filled with sparkly white dresses. Supposedly they were in some kind of organized chaos, but I didn’t see it. The perimiter of the store was lined with mirrors where brides could show off their finds to their family.

Since Jes had bought her dress there, she lead me through with expertise. You can ask for help, but we opted to browse on our own. We picked a few dresses and headed for the dressing room, which was more like a locker room. Put your modesty away girls because you are in a room with dozens of brides trying on their dresses with everything hanging out for everyone to see.

After a few dresses, I had somewhat decided on this short number. It was fun, light, airy and perfect for a beach wedding. I wasn’t 100 percent sold though. I loved it, but I didn’t love it.

There were plenty of short dresses, but unfortunately I’m not a size 2 and apparently short dresses at Bridal Mart are only for skinny girls.

With no consultant shadowing us, Jes asked if I’d like to try on the biggest, most rediculous dress we could find.

Heck, yes.

We pulled some random dress with some crazy flowered overlay and poofy shoulder thing and headed to the dressing room. “You know that because this is a joke dress, it’s going to be the one, right?” I said as Jes helped put the dress over my head. She zipped me up and amazement fell across her face.

Sure enough, it looks amazing.

As a chubby chick with a weird figure, I wanted to stray away with anything that wasn’t an empire waist. I assumed none of it would look good on me, including the dropped waist, which is so often pictured on skinny little things.

Ya know what happens when you assume right?

You make an ass out of you and me. And boy did mine look great.

This dress weighed a million pounds and I wasn’t thrilled with that weird little flower on my shoulder. It as just way to heavy, and way out of my budget, to be considered. But, the cut was so fantastic that I told Jes we had to try to find something with a dropped waist, but had the lightness of my original dress. Back to racks we went with a new mission. We pulled a few, but had a hard time finding a dress with a drop waist that wasn’t big and blingy.

While this number was lighter than the others, it was still too formal for my beach-side wedding. Had I been getting married in the fall or winter, this dress would have been ordered in a second. Look how super skinny I look!

We had arrived at the second to last dress in our pile and knew in an instant it was going to be super light and airy, which was what we were looking for. While a little tight, it fit pretty well. As I headed for the door, a consultant stopped me to comment on how great I looked, echoing Jes’ earlier comments. When I stepped in front of the mirror, my mouth dropped. It had a natural waist, so it didn’t flatter my hips as well as the dropped waist, but it did wonders for my figure. I’ll give you a sneak peek.

The dress was as light and comfortable as the one that is hanging in a closet in Holbrook, but flattered my figure instead of hiding it. I was in love. When I saw that the price was $75 cheaper than the original dress, I fell even harder. This was totally it.

But I didn’t order it.

Alfred Angelo said they are working on helping me out with my dream dress and the last thing I need are two extra dresses. I’m giving them a week and then I’m putting in the order for this dress. Then I’ll spend the next four months crossing my fingers that it comes in on time. At least if it doesn’t I won’t be stuck without a dress. I had intended on posting a pick of the original dress, but since there is a change that I might actually be wearing it, I decided to keep it a secret for just a little longer.

This is the third time in my life that I’ve tried on the ugly dress only to have it look fantastic. The first time was when I was shopping for bridesmaids dresses for my cousin’s wedding. My cousins dared me to try on this ugly cream and blue dress. I came out of the dressing room to looks of shock and awe. The dress looked awesome.

The second time was for prom. My friend Christine told me to try on this ugly yellow dress that was hanging haphazardly on a rack. I did and her reaction was, “Oh my God. You have to buy that dress.” I did.

The moral of the story is, give the ugly dress a chance. There’s a very real possibility that it just might be the one, or lead you to find the one.


6 thoughts on “Even Ugly Dresses Deserve a Chance

  1. I could not agree more with this. In fact what I ended up getting as my dress was WORLDS apart from what I originally envisioned. Not that what I ended up getting was in the “Ugly” dress category to me but because all I had seen in bridal magazines and in recent weddings of friends were strapless, sweet heart neck line, satin, and possibly a little bling. My end result was lace, no bling and had straps. I am glad I started to branch out and discover what I really did love and what did flatter my figure. I have absolutely no chest and I know strapless dresses are terrible on me but I really thought that was my only option. I LOVE the look of that sneak peak, I can’t wait to see it!

    • You would have thought I would have learned the last few times to just try on every single dress in the store, even if it’s ugly. I would have known 4 months ago that I something other than an empire waist would look good on me.

      BTW, you looked gorgeous in your dress. I loved it on you.

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