Blogging Break

When I apologized for being flaky last week, I sincerely expected to get back on track after I reorganized myself and my desk.

But here it is, Wednesday, and the last time I posted was Friday night.

Life has been sort of crazy lately and I have been trying to cram too much stuff into too little time. I feel the need to explain. I’m not sure why, but stay with me.

As all of you know, I am unfortunately not a full time blogger (but if anyone wants to hire me, email me and I’ll send you my newly revamped resume). I wish I was and one day I will be as I have resolved to do this year. So, I have a full-time job that pays the majority of our bills. On top of that, I have two regular writing gigs; Long Beach Patch and Raleigh Public Record. I write an average of two stories a month for Patch and one for RPR. While it isn’t much, it’s not easy when you have limited time to email/call sources and write a 500-word story. I love writing for Patch and RPR. It makes me so immensely happy to be doing what I absolutely love to do, but it does take priority over any other writing I might be doing. Right now, my freelance work is the only way Chuck and I have been able to save for our wedding.

I’m also attempting to go to the gym more often. I actually planned on doing a weekly workout summary since I know ya’ll are tired of hearing me complain about my weight. I thought if I shared my progress with my readers, it would give me the motivation to keep it up. But, that takes at least 45 minutes out of my evening, which already has limited hours. Add cooking dinner and eating and suddenly it’s 9:00.

Lately, my weekends have been filled with cleaning my messy apartment and catching up on the sleep I didn’t get all week. I hate waking up at 11 and realizing half my day is gone, but my body is thankful for the extra Zzzs

Generally, I’ve been able to balance it all, but the last few weeks have been extra hard. My full-time job has been emotionally draining (newly. revamped. resume. can. start. immediately) and I have a list of seven stories for Patch that are in need of reporting. As I learn more about wedding blogging, I’m realizing that aside from just hearing about my wedding experience, readers want more. More pictures, more info, more DIY tutorials and I want to give it all to you. But gathering that information takes time. I don’t want to write a crappy post just to post. That’s never what I’ve been about. Everything I post means something to me and is important to me. I think my readers deserve that.

I absolutely LOVE doing this. I’ve already been thinking about the future and what I want this blog to become after the wedding. I’ve been reaching out to photographers who have agreed to submit their real weddings. My friend, a graphic designer, has been tossing around ideas for a new masthead and I’ve been cultivating relationships with some amazing women who have amazing blogs.

But, I need to take a break. Just for a couple of weeks.

I have never been one to take on multiple activities. I usually have work and then maybe one other thing that I enjoy doing. The fact that I have four things – did I forget to mention that I signed up to be on the marketing committee for RPR? – that I am involved with is a little overwhelming. I’m also considering enrolling in this medical transcription program, which would take up a ton of time initially, but the flexibility will afford me more time to spend writing. It’s taking some time to adjust to my lack of time and figuring out a way to manage that time. There are girls who do it all and there are girls who do a couple of things. I was never the former.

So during these couple of weeks of downtime you can still catch me blogging over at Bridal Buds and tweeting away on Twitter. With so many wedding things coming up in the next couple of weeks, I will be back with some fresh ideas, new information, fun stories and a clear head.

Thanks, kids, for all of the support these past seven months of blogging. I promise there is so much good stuff coming. I just need to get it all together.



4 thoughts on “Blogging Break

  1. Blogging can never be successful if it is a chore. It felt like that many times during my wedding planning process. My blog has come a long way over the year that it started but the most progress it has made has been since my wedding was over! Either way- make sure your blog is you. We will never be able to compete with SMP or Green Wedding Shoes, yes people love looking at gorgeous pictures but you know, my best days on the blog, seem to be when I just write what I want to write about. People are following you. Don’t pressure yourself to be those other wedding blogs because sooner or later you will be bored as your blog will have lost its most important aspect: you. Write about your struggles, your busy schedule, your dress dilemmas. It will be a good stress relief for you and in the end brides in the same boat will find relief too. Every time I get amazing photos from a photog, I am SO stoked. But in the end there is SO much of that on the web and my blog isn’t known for great photos, so traffic really doesn’t go up. I usually get disappointed but then I realize, people don’t come to my blog because they want to see what they see on other blogs. I don’t know if that helps you at all, just my two cents! I am in the exact same spot as you minus that my wedding is over! Even now I have times where blogging is SO hard, I just can’t come up with or have the energy for a great post. But like you said, it is better to post nothing than to post just to post. My only advice is for now, until the wedding is over, simply use your blog for you. Use it as a journal to relieve stress and to detail your experience. You will love looking back at it and trust me, other people will love it too.

    • Thank you, Alicia. This really, really meant a lot to me. Ya know when you have a vision for your wedding and then you spend your entire day looking at wedding blogs and wedding sites and all of a sudden you aren’t sure if that’s your vision? I that same feeling has come over me as a bride, but also as a writer. I follow so many talented women with these amazing blogs (yourself definitely included), and I guess the 16 year old in me, wants to be one of the cool girls. But you’re right, I really have to let go of that pressure and just do this for myself, which is why I started it in the first place. Oddly enough, minutes after I posted this one of the bloggers I follow retweeted my RSVP rant saying that she cracked up laughing at it. That was probably the most real posts I have written in a long time. It was filled with my personality. I should have taken that as a hint to just keep doing what I’m doing and the people that like it will stick around and the people that don’t, we’ll, screw them.

      Thank you again for this. I still need a little bit of a break…I have soooo much work to do lol. But, I’m not going to put so much pressure on myself anymore.

    • Thanks, Jacin! And thank you for the reminder post. It’s so easy for me to slip back into my 16-year-old self. I really need to just let her and her skinny little waist go.

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