Cake Topping

Since Chuck and I plan on having a fairly simple cake, I thought it would be fun to get a cute cake topper. I know that the “love bird” cake toppers are the big thing right now, but honestly, Chuck and I aren’t bird people. I don’t know if anyone would really categorize us as love birds either.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re cat people. Nothing against dogs, though. We do plan on being dog owners someday, but right now we enjoy the independence that comes with felines. Especially now that it’s cold. A litter box ain’t so bad when it’s snowing outside.

As a way to represent that part of our relationship, I started flipping through the digital pages of Etsy for some kitty cake toppers. I was not disappointed. I found a ton of adorable toppers in all colors, shapes and styles.

I am all about paying for something that is handmade and never mind paying a higher price for it. But, I was a little surprised at how expensive these cake toppers were. They ranged from $55 to $75 depending on the vendor. I’m not quite sure we have the money in the budget for them, but I’m going to keep them bookmarked and in mind as it gets closer to June and we have a better handle on our money situation.

So, for all of the crazy cat ladies out there, enjoy.

Find it here

Find it here

Find it here

Find it here

Find it here


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