Dress Regret

I have a confession to make.

I’m having second thoughts about my dress.

I know that this is a common feeling. I read about it all the time. Since you are buying your dress almost a year in advance, that’s almost 12 months of wedding porn that you are looking at that affects your dress decision. Everyone tells you, “don’t look at any other dresses”, but how can you not?

A problem of mine is that my dress is in another state. When I’m having those feelings of regret, I can’t look at it, touch it or even put it on. I started having iffy feelings about my dress a few months ago. Then it was this post from one of my favorite bloggers that put me over the edge. I immediately confessed my feelings to my friends and bridesmaids through the private Facebook group I created for my wedding. They all told me it was the dress, that I looked great in it and it was perfect for my wedding.

I wasn’t swayed.

I emailed a friend who lives in Durham and asked if she’d be willing to go dress looking with me. She got married less than a month ago and understood my plight. She was totally up for it and we have a date set for the end of the month.

Dress regret can happen because of a lot of things, but for me, it was body insecurity.

I knew I wanted a dress that was light and easy to move in because that’s just me. I’m not a poofy dress kind of girl. But, I focused on a particular cut because I knew it would hide everything I hate about myself.

While watching the Jim and Pam wedding episode of The Office I noticed that Pam’s dress was the same style as mine*. My first reaction was, “Awesome! Pam’s wearing my dress! Sorta.” My next reaction is, “Pam’s suppose to be five months pregnant. I’m wearing a maternity dress. That’s just effing great.”

I cried. No lie.

Dress Regret snowballed from there.

While we were dress shopping, my mom asked why I didn’t try on that dress I liked.” I told her it was because it was because the designer wasn’t available at the store we were shopping at.

The dress she was referring to was an Alfred Angelo dress that I found a million years ago, long before I was engaged. It was my dream dress, perfect for the beach-side wedding I’d knew I’d have.

I've thought about this dress before I even knew Chuck existed.

The reason why I didn’t try it on was because I didn’t want to seek it out. I didn’t want to try it on, look horrible in it and be crushed. I was protecting myself from the inevitable feeling of body depression that often comes with clothes shopping.

Pathetic, right?

I agree. So not only am I going to head to this one particular bridal shop, I’m going to seek out this Alfred Angelo dress and I’m going to try it on. Then I’ll know and I can proceed with my wedding attire with peice of mind.

In the meantime. Check out these super cute short dresses I found while surfing. Great for a reception dress or for a casual ceremony, such as mine.

Alfred Angelo

Alfred Angelo

David's Bridal


David's Bridal

David's Bridal


*In fact, while doing research for this blog, I found that Pam’s dress was actually from David’s Bridal. And now that I got a closer look at it, I can see that it’s one of the dresses that I actually tried on! Exciting and depressing all at the same time because some stylist bought that dress thinking, “This is a perfect dress for a girl who is hiding her pregnancy from her family.” Awesome.


Did you have dress regret? Did body issues or other factors keep you from trying on your dream dress?


5 thoughts on “Dress Regret

    • Thanks, Lizzie. I think we just need to go on a break. It’s like I’m in a long distance relationship with my dress and those never worked out for me. I should probably have my mom ship it down too. That might help the whole problem.

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