Bridal Shower Planning: No Longer Involved

When you have to travel, it makes planning a surprise bridal shower impossible. It’s not like my friends can decide we should all get together one random day in April and I show up to some restaurant greeted with shouts of, “Surprise!” Nope, flight arrangements have to be made, proper attire has to be packed and in some cases vacation days have to be taken.

But, when you know your bridal shower is coming, it is very easy to get sucked into its planning. Most of what I know about bridal showers is what I picked up from the 10 or so I’ve been to over the course of my life. Why my mother didn’t pick up this knowledge is beyond me, but I was constantly being bombarded with questions regarding the planning.

I said early on that I didn’t want to make any decisions as this was an affair that I was suppose to be hands off, but I began to get well-intentioned questions of what I want from my bridal shower.

“What kind of favors do you want?” (I don’t care)

“Do you want it on Saturday or Sunday?” (Saturday. I’m leaving on Sunday)

“Do you want a lunch or a brunch?” (It doesn’t matter, but I guess a lunch over a brunch)

“Do you want a sit down lunch or a buffet?”(Buffet. Sit down lunches are lame)

“What else are you doing that weekend? What time were you going to get your hair trial done?” (You work out the time and I’ll plan around it)

Like I said, all well-intentioned questions. I’m incredibly grateful that my mother is going to great lengths to plan a great party. But, as the guest of honor, I feel weird and uncomfortable being a part of the planning process. And to be 100 percent honest, I’ve got that whole big wedding to plan. The last thing I need is another party to figure out. There comes a point where you become so involved you begin planning everything yourself.

I knew something had to be done when I found myself creating little slips of paper that has my registry information on it. I emailed two of my bridesmaids, Veronica and Katie, and asked if they wouldn’t mind being my mother’s bridal shower go-to people rather than it being me. Despite Veronica’s commitment to another wedding of one of her BFFLs and the upcoming birth of her first baby (SQUEAL!!) I knew she’d be up for anything wedding related. The girl lives for this stuff and is a walking wedding encyclopedia. I’ve seen Katie’s party-planning skills in action and she is awesome. Not only is she super organized, but she thinks about all of those important little details that often get forgotten. They willingly took the responsibility of fielding my mother’s questions, finally taking me out of the planning process.

I know it’ll be a great and wonderful day and I can’t wait.


How involved were you with the planning of your shower?




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