Featured DIY: How to Ask Your Bridesmaids

Like you may have read in a previous post, my friend Sabrina and I got engaged on the same weekend. We are also part of the same group of girlfriends. We decided, together, to split our friends as to not burden them with the financial pressures and bridesmaid duties for two weddings that are four months apart.

Sabrina is all-around DIY amazing. Not only can she wield a hammer and a saw better than most men I know, she is an amazing artist as well. She’s a Photoshop pro and used it to make these adorable photos for her bridesmaids.

Sabrina personalized photos from this book, Girl Talk: Telling it Like it is,  by Photoshopping her face and her friend’s face over the existing image.

Original photo


The finished photo featuring my friend, right, and one of her bridesmaids, left


She then paired each photo with a personal poem to complete the project.

Needless to say, her bridal party LOVED it. I love it, too. I knew that she would come up with something absolutely adorable and she didn’t let me down.

This is a cute little project if you have a lot of skill with Photoshop, which I definitely don’t. If anything, maybe this will inspire your own bridesmaid project.


3 thoughts on “Featured DIY: How to Ask Your Bridesmaids

    • Isn’t it!? I should have put up the other photos. She gave me all of them. I debated for a while, but I think I’m going to have to add them. I’ll let you know your thoughts lol.

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