2011? BRING IT!

This year was pretty crazy. Half way through it, I got engaged and moved to a state 550 miles away from where my hometown. I have never been so broke in my life, but I also have never been so fiscally responsible. 2010 is definitely the year I became a grown-up.

For 2011 I have a few minor goals and some pretty big ones.


Life Resolutions

Drink more water: I think my body would appreciate not being so thirsty all the time.

Eat better foods: Going completely organic might not be in the cards, financially, but I’d like to add more fruits, veggies and non-processed foods to our diet. With a plethora of cooking equiptment I’m hoping that will come to me for our wedding, I think we can continue making healthy home-cooked meals that aren’t loaded with processed crap. I want to do more research into growing our own food in tight and dark conditions. My apartment is great, but doesn’t get much light. I also plan on looking into vitamin therapy after seeing this amazing documentary called, Food Matters.

Take care of my body: Now, don’t get me wrong, I shower every day, brush my teeth use deodorant, etc., etc.. But, sometimes I get lazy and I’ll go to bed without washing my face. As I creep toward my 30s it’s probably a good idea to start using a good moisturizer every day instead of just went I shave my legs and when my hands are dry. I could also stand to actually visit the dentist for an annual cleaning, if I ever get insurance. Of course exercise falls into this category. I’ve already started working out more and my plan is to make it part of my routine and thereby making it a part of my life. I also want to get to bed earlier as sleep plays a large part in having a healthy lifestyle.

Improve wardrobe: Since gaining a lot of weight, I have been a pretty frumpy dresser. My awkward figure and short stature makes finding clothing difficult and I just sort of gave up. Clothes shopping because way too depressing. While I continue to work toward losing weight, I need to dress the figure that I have and find stuff that isn’t so frumpy. Poor Chuck has only known me as the girl is sweaters, t-shirts,  jeans and pajamas. I think he can count on one hand how many times he’s seen me in heels. He is pretty much unaware as to how I look in a pair of nice dress pants. This isn’t just for Chuck, but for me as well. My self-esteem is already at an all-time low and dressing in clothes that don’t fit me well is just adding to the problem.I got some money for Christmas and hopefully I can stretch it into a decent collection.

Writing Resolutions

Expand this blog: I still have a lot to learn about blogging and the wedding industry in general. I absolutely love doing this and I want to continue to expand on it. I want to start adding real weddings and expand on my “Bride Recommended Vendors” page. I want to learn some more design so I don’t have to use some lame WordPress template that clearly screams, “I’M NOT CREATIVE AT ALL!!!!!” I have yet to decide if I want to start taking sponsors. I’m a big fan of non-profit media, but if I want to accomplish resolution No. 2 I’m going to have to consider it.

Become a full-time writer: I don’t really care how it’s done. I don’t care if I’m a full-time freelancer or if my blog becomes profitable enough for me to do it full time, of if I find a full time gig in the writing industry. I just want to make writing my life again. Of course this is also dependent on where Chuck is in his job search. We have bills to pay and keeping a roof over our heads and that yummy food in our belly is more important. But, I am going to work hard to making it a reality.

Become a better copy editor: Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis notices my habit of not seeing mistakes. It’s not like I don’t proofread before I hit the publish button. I do! I swear! I’m just a terrible copyeditor. My brain works faster than my eyes so I’ve already finished reading the sentence before my eyes have picked up the mistake and sent it over to my brain for processing. I’ve already been trying to write my posts ahead of time so when I actually publish them they aren’t fresh in my head and I catch mistakes more easily. If I want to be a successful writer, I really need to practice the basics of writing.


If you can help me reach my New Year’s goals or if you want support reaching yours, contact me at LIBudgetBride@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “2011? BRING IT!

  1. if you haven’t already registered for a food processor–a proper one, not a mini one or a chopper or a blender (though a blender is good, too)–add one to your registry immediately. i didn’t think we’d need one. i registered for a mini, and there’s a lot i cannot do with it. probably my biggest regret from the registry is not putting a food processor on there.

    • I just put one on a few weeks ago. I have a mini one, which is fine for some things, but every day I wish I had something larger (that’s what she said). Thanks for the tip!

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