Covered in Ink

Of the three tattoos I have, only one has the potential to be visible on the day of my wedding. I say potential because I have no intentions of covering it; because of my planned hairdo, it will probably be hidden most of the day.

My ink is very much a part of me, literally and figuratively. I wouldn’t cover it just like I wouldn’t cover my eyes, my hair or my hands. Of the three, the tattoo in question has the deepest meaning and is a true representation of myself, my beliefs and my place in this world.

For those brides that do wish to have the look of virgin skin on their wedding day there are a few different routes you can take.

There’s the makeup route, but I wouldn’t recommend it. My friend’s MOH had the makeup artist cover her wrist tattoo in layers upon layers of cover up. While it hid the design fairly well, the makeup got all over her dress and the bride’s dress. Considering the hot July weather, the makeup began to smear fairly quickly. I was also in this wedding, and opted for a hairdo that would keep my tattoo hidden, which was just fine with the bride.

There are plenty of specialty products on the market that claim to get rid of your ink for the day. While I’ve never tried any of these products, some options are:

  • This cover up kit from
  • This specially formulated concealer by Tattoo Camo
  • Dermablend was a big hit on a couple forums I checked out, but one person suggested the leg and body primer because it smudges less.

It seems like these products are good for tattoos in areas that won’t be touched, as just like regular concealer, they can smudge.

Another option, especially for large pieces, is airbrushing. Did you guys catch that episode of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera when he worked with Mandy, the Marilyn Monroe impersonator? She had these amazing pieces on her arm that David wanted GONE. And gone they were after having them airbrushed. I’ve never had my makeup airbrushed before, but from what I have read, it lasts longer, doesn’t smudge and gives great coverage. Of course, that all comes at a price.

For the brides with inked bridesmaids, may I make a suggestion? When you asked your BFFL to be a part of your wedding, you knew she had a visible tattoo. If you want it gone, offering to pay for its concealment goes a long way.


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