Printing Predicament

I’ve never had much luck with printers. Every single one I’ve ever owned eventually went to crap. My usual problem is the dreaded, “No Paper” message. YES THERE IS PAPER, YOU STUPID MACHINE!!!

So, I’m not really sure why I thought my printer would be able to handle the job of printing our wedding invitations. I guess I thought this one was different. Well, recently we’ve been having some problems printing general Word documents so I’ve resorted to seeking out printing quotes.

Staples charges $1.09 per sheet, but then each sheet must be cut down in order to make a 5 x 7 invitation. The cutter can handle up to 150 sheets and it costs $2 every time the blade comes down.

Here comes the fun math part. We need 110 invitations. Two invitations can fit on one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. So that would be 55 sheets for a cost of $59.95. But then we have to cut those suckers. The blade would have to come down at least five times depending on how the invitations are arranged on the page. So, we’re looking at about $69.95. That’s just 63 cents an invitation.

I also got a quote from a local Fed Ex Kinkos and for the same job I was quoted at $85. That’s a HUGE difference, but I’m still going to give Fed Ex a shot. I plan on doing a test run at both locations to find out how good of a job they’ll do. I also like that the Kinkos is a locally owned business rather than a big box store.

Of course, you have to remember that this does not count the printing of RSVP cards or reception cards and the purchase of envelopes for both. Invitation envelopes cost about $15 for a box of 100 and smaller envelopes to be used for the RSVP cards are about $7 for a box of 100.

For the RSVP cards, you can fit four  3 x 5 cards on one sheet of paper, so we’ll need 28 sheets for a total cost of $30.52. Factor in six cuts and that’s a total cost of $42.52.

The whole invitation packet is looking like it will cost us about $145 or $1.29 per invitation.

Just to put that number into perspective, an informal poll of some of my married friends put their invitations at an average of $2.15 per set.

Phew…that was too much math for one post. If you’re not lucky enough to have a graphically inclined maid of honor, like me, check out this wedding invitation eye candy that I found for affordable prices.


All images are by Esty artisan Captured Moments by Amy Leigh. For about $1.45 per set you get an invitation, RSVP card, return address label and two envelopes. Of all the beautiful work I saw on Etsy, these were by far the most affordable for a bride on a budget. Though I cannot vouch for the quality of the product, if I weren’t using my sister as a designer, I would definitely check her out.


5 thoughts on “Printing Predicament

    • Lex, I haven’t done this much math since HS. I LOVE those invites. There was another Esty designer than had a whole slew of designs like that, but she doesn’t include the RSVP card so it increased the cost.

  1. Great insight! I have been thinking about having a friend design our invitations for us, and this information about costs of printing helps!

    • Thanks! I made the mistake of not verifying any difference in the paper cost if we went with a heavier cardstock so I’ll have to do an update post. Also, the envelopes I quoted were the generic envelopes. Anything of a higher quality would add to the cost, but I don’t see the point in spending a lot of money on something that is meant to be ripped open and thrown away.

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