Our First Christmas?

I stood in a local Hallmark staring at the “First Christmas Together” ornaments. I couldn’t decide if it was the right kind of ornament to get.

This will be the third Christmas Chuck and I celebrate together, but the first Christmas in our own place. Despite not being married, we have made ourselves a home and that leads me to feel like this warranted one of these particular decorations.

But, everyone knows that these ornaments are meant for married couples. It’s the first Christmas as a married couple. For that reason I decided against it and chose two penguins snuggled in a scarf. The little banner that reads, Christmas Together, can be changed to anything we like. I just wasn’t feeling particularly creative so I just used the pre-made stickers.

Next year we'll get the traditional first christmas together ornament.

I received my first Christmas tree ornament two days after I was born. Every year, along with the trinkets in our stocking, was another that was promptly hung up. This week, my mother sent down 27 years worth of Christmas ornaments and I spent a half hour adding them to our tiny Christmas tree.

It is a tradition that I hope to continue starting with our first Christmas in our first home. Each year I will carefully choose the perfect addition to our tree. Eventually – and not for at least a couple of years – we will add a Baby’s First Christmas ornament to the collection.

Hopefully we’ll have more than a few days to run out and purchase it.


4 thoughts on “Our First Christmas?

  1. We looked at “together” ornaments at Hallmark this weekend, too! Although we just decided to “make our own” with the snowmen bells with our names on it and the banner hook for two. I’ll probably put “2010” on it, since it is our first Christmas living together (second, total). Like you, I received a new ornament every year growing up and Matt likes the tradition of getting eachother a new ornament every year. This was our first…

    • Awe cool! I didn’t even think to get crafty and make something for the occasion. My friend goes to the mall and gets these ceramic ornaments that she has personalized each year. They dated for nine years and got married on their 10 year anniversary. I should have asked what she did for her first Christmas together lol.

    • My mom confessed that she looked into 1st Christmas ornaments but had the same inner fight as I did. She got me a cute little snowman instead. But, my aunt got me this great ornament of a boy on bended knee with a ring box. It had our names and our engagement date on it.

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