Crafty Flowers

I love flowers, don’t get me wrong. I don’t love how much they cost and I don’t love how they die in the middle of the day. My original plan was to buy flowers in bulk and work with my friend Lex to arrange them.

But, one day while skimming through Etsy I found bouquets of crocheted flowers and they were amazing! I was in awe of how great they looked. A bit of a crocheter myself, I suddenly wished I had the talent to do something like that myself. I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

Finally, after obsessing over it for a month or so, I went on You Tube and found tutorials on how to create these nifty little flowers. I was astounded by how easy it looked.

I finished up a project that I had been working on and began watching the video. Within 20 minutes I had mastered my first yellow flower.

This little flower was easier to make than I thought!

I made five more and it was decided; I was crocheting all the flowers for my wedding.

I know that sounds like a bit of a daunting task, but that only amounts to the wedding bouquets and boutonnières. I don’t plan on using flowers for the ceremony location or as décor for the reception so it’s not nearly as huge of an undertaking as it sounds. Plus, some of my extra crafty bridesmaids and friends volunteered to help.

Right now, I only know one kind of flower. There is still plenty of time for me to attempt to learn more, but part of me wants to keep it at one type, just as I would have done had I used real flowers.

This is still an idea in progress, as I still have to brainstorm a way to attach said flower to some kind of stem. But, I’ll figure it out and in the end they will be fantastic.

Though our color scheme is blue and yellow, I'll be making pink, yellow and cream colored flowers.


Check out the tutorial video below to find out how I made these flowers. This user has a lot of great tutorials, especially for beginners. This was one of her first videos, so the instruction gets better as she began producing more of them. I actually found out that I had been doing my stitches slightly wrong for years.


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