The Man Shower

When I received the invitation for my friend’s bridal shower, it came with a little note at the bottom.

Groom’s wishing well.”

I’m sorry, what?

Her maid of honor informed me that a groom’ wishing well would comprise of small gifts meant for the groom. My contribution was a set of shot glasses. He also got items for his truck, barbecue grill and small tools.

During an email conversation with my friend, Lauren, she informed me that even though she and her husband registered for tools, no one showed up at the shower with anything from Craftsman in hand.  Since Chuck and I still plan on heading to Sears to do the same, it dawned on me that it’s quite possible all the tools we register for may go unbought unless we include a Groom’s Wishing Well (or my family reads this and realizes, yes, it’s okay, you can buy me the laser level instead of towels. Then all my wall art won’t be crooked).

Honestly, the tools your groom gets will be of more use to you that those crystal salt and pepper shakers you registered for.

I’m sure most dudes don’t mind getting forgotten at the bridal shower, but when it comes down to it, these presents are for both members of the relationship. As useful as they are, your fiance isn’t getting excited about those new towels. Unless he likes to cook, all that cooking stuff you’re getting isn’t going to thrill him either.

Even if you’re not going to register for man stuff, a groom’s wishing well is a great way to share the spotlight with him.

Right before you make him haul all that crap out to his car.



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