Our First Thanksgiving

The holidays haven’t been easy since my grandmother passed away three years ago. As the matriarch of my family, she was the glue that held our family and our traditions together. Now that she is gone, my family struggles to keep the holidays the way they were.

But, now that Chuck and I have moved and are in the beginnings of what will be our own family, the traditions were bound to change.

Thanksgiving was one of those flexible holidays. Sometimes we were a large gathering and other times it was just my immediate family. This was the first year Chuck and I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with any of our family members.

Despite an offer from my boss to spend the holiday with his family, Chuck and I decided to spend it alone. We bought a turkey breast, potatoes, mushrooms, gravy and a Dairy Queen Blizzard cake for dessert. I was excited to cook my first Thanksgiving dinner, even if it was on a small scale.

My first job was to tackle the turkey. Even though it was only a breast, it was too large to fit in the covered baker my friend got me as an engagement present. So, I spent the next 10 minutes attempting to cut the stupid thing in half. The fact that I can even handle raw meat shows much growth on my part, but as I struggled to figure out what to do with this stupid bird, my emotions got the best of me and I broke down.

After Chuck comforted me a bit, he wielded the knife and completed the task. I got a hold of myself and continued working on our Thanksgiving meal by added potatoes and onions to the pot.

We saved the other half of the turkey breast for a future dinner.

We had a brief appetizer of sweet potato French fries and I began to prepare stuffed mushrooms using Chuck’s mom’s recipe. It was the first time I ever made stuffed mushrooms on my own so I was a little hesitant as to how this was going to turn out. But really, anything that uses a 1/3-cup of butter can’t end up badly.

Ready to head into the oven.

Not to toot my own horn but....toot toot.

We stuffed ourselves with the mushrooms as a second course. Chuck wanted to eat all day so our side dish became a meal in itself.

The turkey was done not too long after that and I was a bit nervous as to how it was going to come out. Like the mushrooms, turkey was another cooking first. But, like the mushrooms, it was a success.

Our first Thanksgiving Dinner.

I was really proud of myself that I had prepared such a delicious meal. While it was nice having a relaxing day in my PJs, I would really have rather spent the day with more of my loved ones. Eventually Chuck and I will have more plates at the Thanksgiving table and new traditions will emerge as our family changes and grows.

Puppidawg dozing off in a turkey coma. Or, just a normal Thursday.


How did you spend your first Thanksgiving with your fiance or husband?


One thought on “Our First Thanksgiving

  1. yay! glad it all worked out. is that a pampered chef baking dish that you have the mushrooms in?? i made the very same thing for the first time, all by myself, for thanksgiving this year but my recipe didn’t use ANY butter (though i made up for that with my butternut squash risotto)! i must know the details of your mushrooms. they sound amazing. i love butter.

    LOVE the photo of the kitty by the fire!

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